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TR820 Compact Depth Guide/ Dust Port Adapter

The compact depth guide and dust port adapter are two additional attachments for the Trio tool. The dust port adapter lets you attach a vacuum hose to the Trio to clean up any debris or Woodrazor® that may be made while using the Trio. In addition, you can attach the compact depth guide to the Trio when working in tight spaces. This creates an easy way to manage detail work.

  • Dust Port Adaptor offers a convenient way to stay efficient and clean up
  • Attachments serve separate purposes but are sold together
  • Compact depth guide can be used for following an edge or as a lightweight foot when cutting on a wall or overhead
    • Dust port adapter: fits standard shop vac and household vacuums
    • Dust port adapter: friction fit so the hose can be positioned with the handle in either position
    • Dust port adapter: keeps your work place clean and your line of sight clear
    • Dust port adapter: compatible with the vacuum attachment to keep your work place clean
    • Compact depth guide: round front that can be used for tracing a pattern or following an edge
    • Compact depth guide: lightweight foot for cutting on a wall or overhead
  • HEIGHT: 3.67"
  • WARRANTY: No Warranty
  • WEIGHT: 0.25
  • WIDTH: 2"
* Model Number:TR820

TR820 Compact Depth Guide/ Dust Port Adapter

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