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Freqently Asked Questions

  • Q: How does the Chain Saw Sharpener attach to the tool?

    A: Simply unthread the end of the housing, called a housing cap on the rotary tool, and the Chain Saw Sharpening Attachment will thread on in place of the housing cap.

  • Q: Can this fit older tools?

    A: This attachment works on all Dremel rotary tools with a threaded nosepiece (the vast majority). On the older tools the threads are different or do not exist. Unfortunately, we do not have a safe way to adapt this to older tools.

  • Q: Which stone do I use for my chain?

    A: Dremel® offers three different size sharpening stones that can be used with this attachment. We have a 5/32" stone (#453), a 3/16" (#454) stone and a 7/32" stone (#455). These stones are sized in the same way that an actual sharpening file would be sized. When in doubt, refer to the specific owner's manual for your chain/chain saw. They will be able to provide the proper recommendation for the size stone/file you will need to successfully sharpen your chain.

  • Q: What are the spacers for?

    A: Obviously, the stones are different sizes. That puts each stone in a slightly different spot in relation to the guide on the tool. To eliminate that gap, spacers are needed to make up the difference.

  • Q: What are the gauges for?

    A: The gauge measures the distance or space between the guide and the stone. The screws that hold the clamp and guide together actually thread into elongated holes. The holes are elongated so the guide can be adjusted. The amount of play is about the difference between side 1 and side 2 of the gauge and placing the stone with no gauge requirement.

  • Q: Best tip when using the Dremel chain saw sharpening attachment.

    A: The cutting part of a chain saw blade is the top of the tooth and not the inside curved portion close to the bar. Be sure to lift up on the attachment to sharpen the underside of the top part of the chain saw tooth. Lifting upward during sharpening will provide a superior cut and high satisfaction.

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