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Freqently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I attach the Flex-Shaft to the rotary tool?

    A: It is necessary to remove three items from the nose of the rotary tool: The housing cap. The collet nut. Hold down the collet lock button and remove the collet nut. The Collet, found below the collet nut. You should have three pieces in front of you from the end of the rotary tool. In the packaging with the Flex-Shaft, there is a nut with a small square hole in it. (It's easier to see the square hole if you hold the nut up to the light.) Again, holding the collet lock down, carefully thread the driver cap onto the bare metal threads of the rotary tool where the collet and collet nut were removed. To make the Flex-Shaft functional, the collet needs to be placed in the end of the handpiece on the flexible shaft, the collet nut threads onto the end of the handpiece. To be able to tighten the collet nut onto the end of the handpiece, press the shaft lock button in the handpiece of the Flex-Shaft. This will stop the threaded area from turning as you tighten the accessory you want to use in the handpiece.

  • Q: What would you use the Flex-Shaft for?

    A: The Flex-Shaft Attachment is ideal for getting into tighter areas, providing more control for the user and taking the weight of the rotary tool away from the user's hand. If you were doing fine engraving, this could provide that extra control and lessen the fatigue one could normally feel if the project was a little bigger. If you were doing work on an engine, where things can get pretty tight, the Flex-Shaft might be just what you need to get in there.

  • Q: Do I have to hang the rotary tool for usage?

    A: It doesn't necessarily have to hang, however, the rotary tool that is driving the Flex-Shaft should rest ABOVE the flexible shaft. For example, if you were working underneath a sink and you were using the Flex-Shaft to cut a pipe, if you rest the tool on the floor and try to use the Flex-Shaft in an UPWARD position, it will probably disengage.

  • Q: Will the Flex-Shaft work on my old tool?

    A: This attachment will not work on many of the older, discontinued tools that do not have a threaded nose piece. It does thread onto the end of the majority of Dremel rotary tool models. Of the older rotary tools without a threaded nose piece, there unfortunately is no way to safely adapt this attachments or modify the tool.

  • Q: Is a longer Flex-Shaft available?

    A: No. Keep in mind that the tool is driven by the motor of the high-speed rotary tool and speed creates heat and friction and number of other factors that play some role in dictating safe limits. A longer flexible shaft won't necessarily mean better. It could wear more quickly, run much hotter, and have a greater propensity to breaking.

  • Q: What does a "driver cap" look like?

    A: It looks like a six-sided nut, but instead of a circular opening, the opening is a small square (best seen if you hold the nut up to the light). This square opening drives the core of the Flex-Shaft, which is squared on the end.

  • Q: Why don't you include the collet nut and collet with the Flex-Shaft?

    A: We include the driver cap. Remember, the driver cap is the nut with the square hole. You can see the square hole when you hold the nut up to the light and look through the opening. You need the driver cap to "drive" the cable of the Flex-Shaft. If you have a rotary tool, you already have a collet nut and collet. It comes on the end of the rotary tool. To make the Flex-Shaft work, you need to remove the housing cap (the threaded part of the nylon housing), the collet nut and then the collet from the rotating end of the rotary tool. The chuck cap and collet will be put to use on the end of the handpiece. The driver cap (nut with a square hole) goes on the end of the rotary tool where you removed the collet nut, collet and housing cap.

  • Q: Can other handpieces be used with this Flex-Shaft?

    A: No, The 1/2" handpiece that is on this Flex-Shaft is permanently mounted. It cannot be replaced with an alternative.

  • Q: Does the Dremel Chuck (#4486) fit onto this?

    A: The #4486 chuck will fit the Flex-Shaft.

  • Q: Do you lubricate anything on this?

    A: After the first 20-30 hours of use, and then again every 10 hours, put a thin coating of Dremel Flex-Shaft lubricant on the core. After removing the core of the flexible shaft from the casing, wipe it with a rag. Then place a small amount of lubricant on your fingertip and run it lightly up and down the core. Remove any excess lubricant. Remember, too much lubricant will cause the handpiece to get terribly hot under normal use. Dremel Flex-Shaft Lubricant is part number 990952 and it is available through the Dremel service center by calling 1 800 4 DREMEL.

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