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Freqently Asked Questions

  • Q: What will work to cut plastic?

    A: This will depend on how thick the plastic is. A cut-off wheel will cut plastic PVC. The diamond wheel (#545) will also easily cut it. If the application is actually cutting through a piece of plastic, it is important to use a cutter or cutting wheel that will get through the thickness of plastic. Otherwise, you will have to cut the plastic from both directions which can mean a very sloppy cut.

  • Q: What do you have that cuts fiberglass?

    A: The multipurpose bit (#561) with the Cutting Guide Attachment (#565) will work on fiberglass.

  • Q: Can the multipurpose cutting bit (#561) cut floor tile? What will?

    A: No, it will not cut floor tile. Floor tile is really thick. It's made with tougher material. The tile cutting accessory will just get red hot and barely scratch the floor tile. Floor tile is generally cut with a wet-saw.

  • Q: Can the tile cutting bit (#562) be used for any other material?

    A: The tile cutting bit is most ideal for cutting and shaping tile. It will also work to make holes in terra cotta to create luminary or holes for a plant to drain. They will work to do some shaping or engraving in stone. They will not work on floor tile.

  • Q: What will cut glass?

    A: We do not have an accessory that will cut glass. The process is very hot and requires a bath or wash and we can not recommend doing that with our tool as the liquid will travel up the shaft to the motor.

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