Sharpening a Chain Saw

The Dremel 10.8V Lithium-ion cordless rotary tool is ideal for use with the Dremel chain saw sharpening attachment because it allows sharpening of chain saw blades in remote locations away from electric power.

What You'll Need:

Other Supplies
  • Socket Wrench and Screwdriver
  • Heavy Gloves

Step-By-Step Directions

Step 1

Begin on near side teeth, keeping the line on the guide parallel to the chain. A few light strokes on each tooth are enough. Recommended speed: 35,000 rpm.

Step 2

Sharpen the far side, keeping the back edge of the guide parallel to the chain. To keep it balanced, the same number of strokes should be done to each tooth.

Step 3

After completing the top bar, advance the chain with a gloved hand.

Step 4

You'll notice the newly sharpened edges immediately.

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