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Freqently Asked Questions

  • Q: What can I use to drill a hole in glass?

    A: We now offer glassing drilling bits! The 662DR can drill a 1/8" (3,2mm) hole and the 663DR can drill a 1/4" (6,4mm) hole. Be sure to read the instructions that come with these diamond coated bits for safe and proper use.

  • Q: What will work on or drill stone?

    A: This will depend on the hardness of the stone. If you need a precision hole, the first thing you need is an actual drill bit. Grinding wheels and cutters will make a hole at least twice the size of their own diameter. They are not fluted like a drill bit. While cutters are fluted, it is not in the same way. If the stone you have is a harder stone, we would recommend a tungsten carbide drill bit. While we do not supply one, they do exist.

  • Q: What will work to drill porcelain?

    A: If you just need a hole and are not concerned about the exact size, a tungsten carbide cutter can work to grind through the material, although the hole could get quite large. If you require a precise hole, you will need a drill bit and it will need to be made of at tungsten carbide or diamond.

  • Q: How can I drill a small hole in beads?

    A: Never hold the bead in your fingers to drill a hole, you must secure the bead. Dremel makes a vice called the D-vise that can clamp various items including beads. The Dremel 212 drill press (discontinued) or 220 Work Station will allow you to make accurate holes.

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