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Freqently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does my cordless tool perform like a corded tool?

    A: Cordless rotary tools work just like corded rotary tools, only at lower speeds. The Dremel 8200 12VMax Lithium-Ion Cordless, however, delivers the same speed and performance as a corded rotary tool!

  • Q: What are the advantages of owning a Dremel Lithium-Ion cordless rotary tool?

    A: 1. It uses state of the art Lithium Ion battery technology a. Lithium ion batteries hold their charge 6 times longer than Ni-Cd batteries while in storage. This means that the tool will always be charged and ready when you need it. For example, if you let a Ni-Cd battery sit for 4 months it will have lost it’s entire charge. If you let a lithium ion battery sit for 4 months, it will have over 85% of its original charge remaining. b. Lithium ion batteries have no memory effects. Standard Ni-Cd batteries must be fully drained before recharging, otherwise they start to experience shorter run times. Lithium-Ion batteries can be recharged at any time without ever damaging the original charge capacity or run time. c. Lithium ion batteries are light weight. The ergonomic design, comfort grip housing, and lightweight design of this tool all help deliver an extremely comfortable tool.

  • Q: What is the warranty on my cordless tool?

    A: Two years.

  • Q: Will the bits work the same in the cordless tools?

    A: The Dremel 8200 Lithium-ion cordless rotary tool has a top speed of 30,000 rpm and will deliver the same performance as our corded rotary tool. The 7.2V Cordless and 4.8V MINIMITE have maximum speeds of 20,000 rpm and 13,000 rpm, respectively. (Our corded tools run at speeds up to 35,000 rpm.) Some accessories, like high-speed cutters, will perform more effectively at speeds faster than 15,000 rpm. The accessories likely to fall into that category are: high-speed cutters, router bits and cut-off wheels. These accessories will work at lower speeds, but not as well.

  • Q: Can I interchange batteries/chargers for the #750 (MINIMITE), #7700 (7.2V Cordless MultiPro) and #8000 (10.8V Lithium-Ion Cordless)?

    A: No, we don't recommend any of the batteries or chargers be interchanged. The battery packs are designed to work with the appropriate tool and charger.

  • Q: I recently purchased a new battery pack and it doesn't seem to run the tool at the same speed as the original battery. Why?

    A: A new battery pack comes uncharged. It accepts only about 80% of its maximum charge capacity with its first charge, or, after prolonged storage, it will also require additional time on the first charge. However, after several charge and discharge cycles, the batteries should be up to full charge capacity and delivering maximum performance.

  • Q: What's the expected life of the battery?

    A: The battery will last for hundreds of charges. We do recommend that you leave the battery discharged during prolonged periods of nonuse. Run the battery down completely prior to recharge. Don't leave the battery in the charger constantly. Once the battery is charged, remove it from the charger. The run time on the battery is a little different. Different speeds mean the battery could easily run down faster on the higher speeds. Other factors that will affect the run time are going to be the force put on the tool and the overall load of the work. Under simple grinding applications, a low speed can last up to 30 minutes. On high speed, it is about half that. If carving through a piece of wood with a high-speed cutter, expect the run time to be less. That's a tougher application and the charge will wear down more quickly.

  • Q: Why is the pricing of the battery so high?

    A: The battery pack is the most expensive part of the tool.

  • Q: Can I get an adapter to be able to plug this into the wall or a cigarette lighter?

    A: No, there is no wiring inside of the tool to support either of those power supplies.

  • Q: How do you know if it's the battery or the charger that's not working?

    A: It’s difficult to tell that by simply looking at the pieces. If your battery is not accepting a charge, we would recommend sending the tool, the battery, and the charger in to us. We’ll evaluate all three pieces and help resolve your problem as quickly as possible. That takes the guess work out of it.

  • Q: How do you know when a cordless rotary tool is fully charged?

    A: There may be some charge on your battery from the factory. It will be minimal. Place it in the tool and let it discharge completely. Then charge it for a full 24 hours. After the full 24-hour charge, place the battery in the tool and discharge it again, completely. Now recharge the battery for three hours. The battery should be fully charged. We do recommend that you always discharge the Ni-Cd batteries completely prior to recharging and then recharge for no less than 3 hours. The light on the Lithium-ion battery charger will turn off when the battery is fully charged.

  • Q: Does the light on the 3-hour charger stay on even when the tool is fully charged?

    A: The light on the Ni-Cd chargers stays on as long as there is a connection between the battery, the charger and the electrical socket. When the connection is broken, the light goes out. The light on the Lithium-ion battery charger turns off when the battery is fully charged.

  • Q: I sometimes go for long periods of time without using my cordless tool. Is it okay to leave the battery charging?

    A: If you anticipate long periods of nonuse for your tool it's best to unplug your charger and battery pack from its power source. Unplugging the charger will extend the life expectancy of the charger and the battery pack.

  • Q: Is it okay to leave the battery in the charger after the battery is fully charged?

    A: We do not recommend leaving the battery in the charger continuously. The heat is not good for the life of the battery

  • Q: Can I charge my 7.2V tool in less time than 3 hours?

    A: The 7.2V Cordless MultiPro Tools do have an optional 1-hour charger. For more information, call us at 1-800-437-3635.

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