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Freqently Asked Questions

  • Q: What kind of tool is the Dremel Saw-Max?

    A: The new Dremel Saw-Max is a compact, handheld saw that allows users to easily make precise, clean and straight cuts in a wide variety of materials using compact cutting wheels. The tool is designed to simplify and ease the user experience with increased cutting accuracy and maneuverability. No need to haul out a miter or circular saw.

  • Q: How is the Saw-Max different from other handheld saws?

    A: The Dremel Saw-Max has reinventing the circular saw with a tool that offers a high level of cutting control and adheres to the Dremel brand’s signature characteristics of compactness, precision, ergonomics and versatility. The Dremel Saw-Max also has the unique capability of making plunge and flush cuts with one-handed operation using abrasive cutting wheels.

  • Q: How is the Dremel Saw-Max different from other Dremel cutting tools?

    A: The Dremel Saw-Max offers more depth of cut and precision than a rotary tool, three times the power of the highest rated Dremel rotary tool and a stable base for optimal control. Its unobstructed line of sight allows users to make accurate cuts upon first attempt, expediting projects. The tool also features a lightweight frame making one-handed operation simple and comfortable.

  • Q: Can you change cutting wheels on the Dremel Saw-Max?

    A: Yes. The Dremel Saw-Max has a versatile system of cutting wheels that are quick to change and offer the ability to make straight, plunge or flush cuts up to 3/4-inch deep through wood, plastic, laminates and drywall, as well as sheet metal and wall and floor tiles.

  • Q: What accessories are available for the Dremel Saw-Max?

    A: There are currently five accessories available for the Dremel Saw-Max that enable users to cut through a variety of materials, including metal, wood, plastic, tile, drywall, ceramics and masonry.

  • Q: What is the maximum depth of cut?

    A: The Dremel Saw-Max offers a well-balanced, maximum depth of cut of 3/4-inch. With the 2x4 attachment, you can even use to the tool to cut 2x4s with two quick passes.

  • Q: What is the maximum no-load speed of the tool, and how quickly can it cut?

    A: 17,000 RPM. The speed of cut varies depending on the material you’re working with.

  • Q: What types of projects and materials can I use the Dremel Saw-Max on?

    A: The Dremel Saw-Max can be used on projects such as hobby/craft, home improvement/DIY and woodworking, and is perfect for applications such as installing baseboards and trim, replacing flooring, remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, repairing a roof, and installing wood or wire shelving. The tool can cut through materials such as hard and soft wood, plastic/vinyl/PVC, laminates, drywall, sheet metal, copper tubing/conduit, wall tile, floor tile and brick/concrete/stone.

  • Q: Why did Dremel decide to make this type of tool?

    A: We knew that we could offer users a better saw experience. Features on the Dremel Saw-Max such as the ability to make both plunge and flush cuts as well as its incredibly accurate line of sight make it the ideal tool to allow users to cut with both confidence and comfort simultaneously and is still a versatile tool system.

  • Q: Is there a cordless version of the Dremel Saw-Max?

    A: There is not a cordless version of the Saw-Max tool at this time, but Dremel is always interested in expanding its line of versatile tool systems.

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