Kitchen Spoon Fishing Lure

Imagine the satisfaction you'll have landing the big one on a fishing lure you made yourself. It's easy to make this slow-retrieving spoon lure from an old table spoon and your Dremel rotary tool.

Painting the lure is usually done on the convex side of the lure. Prism tape may be used in combination with or instead of paint.

What You'll Need:

Other Supplies
  • Stainless steel spoon
  • Vice
  • Center punch
  • Hammer
  • (2) Split-rings
  • (1) Swivel
  • (1) Treble hook
  • Auto body touch-up paint and paintbrush
  • Eye protection

Step-By-Step Directions

Step 1

Begin by marking the location of two holes using a center punch. Secure the spoon in a vice and drill the holes using a 9909 tungsten carbide cutter. The holes should be large enough in diameter for a split-ring to turn into them.

Step 2

Secure the spoon in vice and cut off the spoon handle using the EZ456 cut-off wheel and the EZ402 mandrel. Next, grind the cut edge smooth by using the 932 aluminum oxide grinding stone to remove any burrs.

Step 3

Secure the spoon in vice and polish concave side of the spoon using 423E polishing cloth with the EZ402 mandrel and 421 polishing compound. Paint the convex side of lure using auto body touch-up paint.

Step 4

Attach split rings, swivel and hook and your lure is ready for fishing. Good luck!

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