415 Dressing Stone

A solid block of extremely hard abrasive that allows you to bring new life back to worn Grinding Stone. When use wears down the original contour of a Grinding Stone the dressing stone lets you restore it. Get the most out of a Grinding Stone before you need to buy a new one.

    • Ideal for cleaning and reshaping Grinding Stone for specific applications
    • Block of extremely hard abrasive
    • Bring new life back to worn Grinding Stone
    • Save money by getting the most out of your Grinding Stone
User Tips
  • Abrasive accessories will wear out and change shape during use. It's a good idea to balance abrasive points and grinding stones before each use.
  • To rebalance a worn accessory, place the dressing stone in a vise to hold it in place. After making sure the accessory is mounted securely in the tool, turn on the tool and file the point or grinding stone against the dressing stone to the desired shape.
  • CONTENTS: 1 Piece
  • HEIGHT: 0.375"
  • LENGTH: 1"
  • WIDTH: 1"
* Model Number:415

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415 Dressing Stone

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