506CU 7/8" Premium Metal Cutting Wheel

The 506CU cutting wheel features a super abrasive grit called cubic boron nitride or CBN. CBN used on a cut-off wheel allows the wheel to remain sharp longer, stay cool, and it won’t shrink. The 506CU cutting wheel lasts at least 20 times longer than our fiberglass-reinforced cutting wheels based on internal testing. In. addition, with the Dremel premium metal cutting wheel you will spend less time changing wheels, save space storing replacement wheels and save money buying replacement wheels. For use with the 402 mandrel with screw.

    • Long life - at least 20x longer metal cutting life than standard Dremel rotary fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheels
    • Won’t shrink - wheels have constant diameter during use for a full-range depth of cut
    • Durable - strong metal core saves time and cuts costs
    • High performance - first Dremel rotary accessory to use a CBN grit for a longer cutting life
    • Less dust - when compared to fiberglass wheels, since CBN wheels maintain a constant diameter and do not shrink

  • 506CU 7/8" Premium Metal Cutting Wheel
User Tips
  • This accessory may clog when cutting softer metals like aluminum, therefore we do not recommend this wheel to cut aluminum and other similar metals.
  • This accessory is ideal for cutting the following materials: stainless steel, nails, rebar, metal studs, threaded rod, copper, conduit, metal HVAC duct, metal door jambs, and Unistrut.
  • CONTENTS: 1 Wheel
  • KERF: 0.4"
  • RPM: 35000
  • THICKNESS: .040"
* Model Number:506CU

506CU 7/8" Premium Metal Cutting Wheel

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