520 Polishing Wheel

A polishing wheel with the polishing compound inside! The 520 Polishing Wheel is impregnated with a silicon carbide abrasive and lubricant, eliminating the need for polishing compound.

  • Polishing wheels fit most Dremel rotary tools
    • Designed for light stock removal and high luster polishing
    • Works on a variety of surfaces including steel, aluminum, brass, silver, hard plastics, gold and other metals
    • Impregnated with silicone abrasive and lubricant
    • Eliminates the need for polishing compound
User Tips
  • The Polishing Wheel is impregnated with silicon carbide abrasive, and a lubricant that acts as a coolant. No polishing compound in needed.
  • The constant breakdown of the silicon carbide particles reveals new cutting edges, so excessive pressure is not necessary.
  • If, after use, the wheel becomes glazed over, renew it by gently running it against the 415 dressing stone, or a piece of sandpaper. You can also use the dressing stone to reshape the wheel.
  • Oscillate the tool back and forth until the desired finish is obtained.
  • CONTENTS: 1 Bit
  • SHANK SIZE MM: 3.2 mm
  • SHANK SIZE US: 1/8"
  • TIP SIZE MM: 12.7 mm
  • TIP SIZE US: 1/2"
* Model Number:520

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520 Polishing Wheel

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