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MM430 Multi-Max Multi-Knife

The Multi-Knife is the ideal solution for cutting flexible materials with your Multi-Max Oscillating Tool. Designed to cut when being pulled, or pushed, the Multi-Knife makes quick cuts in a variety of materials.


  • Cut materials you never thought possible using your Oscillating Tool
  • Unique, hooked blade design allows one-handed cutting
  • Dual push/pull blades permit cutting in either direction
  • Make cuts in difficult-to-cut, flexible materials
  • Use on carpet, vinyl flooring, asphalt roofing shingles, cardboard, foam insulation and more
  • All Multi-Max accessories are Max Performance tested for endurance in real-life applications so that you can feel confident that every Multi-Max accessory you buy will have proven value and performance


  • APPLICATION: blade designed to cut carpet, vinyl, boxes, shingles, foam, insulation and plastic
  • BLADE LENGTH: 0.95
  • BLADE WIDTH: 0.79
  • CONTENTS: 1 blade
  • USED ON MODEL NO.: UNIVERSAL ADAPTER*: Allows Multi-Max Accessories to fit most oscillating tools.

Tool Kit Options

This tool is available as part of a kit.

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