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TR800 Trio Circle Cutter/ Edge Guide

The TR800 is two attachments in one. As a circle cutter, one is able to cut holes in many types of materials. It attaches easily to the Dremel Trio and cuts perfect circles from 4" to 13" in diameter. As a straight edge Guide, one will be allowed to make straight cuts up to 6 ½” from the edge of the material.


  • Creates perfect circles from 4” to 13” in diameter
  • Perfect for cutting holes for recessed lights
  • Pivot knob for balance and control
  • Two attachments in one


  • CONTENTS: 1 Attachment
  • FITS TOOL MODEL: Dremel Trio and Dremel Saw-Max
  • HEIGHT: 2.4"
  • SIZE: 10.5 x 6.4 x 2.4 inches
  • WEIGHT: 0.65
  • WIDTH: 6.4"

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