9905 Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Tungsten carbide cutters are ideal for shaping, smoothing or removing material from especially hard materials.

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9905 Tungsten Carbide Cutter

  • Shapes, smooths or grinds especially hard materials including: hardened steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals, fired ceramics, plastics and hard woods
  • A high-speed cutter made of tungsten carbide, the hardest material next to diamonds
  • A versatile, high-quality cutter
  • For use with rotary tools
User Tips
  • Do not use this cutter for drilling holes or for enlarging holes that are less than twice the diameter of the cutter. The tungsten carbide surface can easily catch the side of a hole and break the bit.
  • For best results, insert the accessory bit all the way into the tool and then back it out slightly before tightening down. This provides plenty of shank for the collet or chuck to hold onto the bit.
  • Secure objects to a stable surface while working.
  • Use the sides of the cutter (rather than the tip) for effective cutting. The tip cuts poorly and can break under pressure.
  • Use higher speeds for hard woods, slower speeds for metals and very slow speeds for plastics (to avoid melting at the point of contact). If chattering occurs, increase speed.

9905 Tungsten Carbide Cutter

  • BIT DIAMETER MM: 3.2 mm
  • CONTENTS: 1 Bit

9905 Tungsten Carbide Cutter

9905 Tungsten Carbide Cutter

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9905 Tungsten Carbide Cutter

9905 Tungsten Carbide Cutter

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