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Freqently Asked Questions

  • Q: What can I use to etch glass?

    A: Several accessories will work on glass. Silicon carbide stones will work to etch on stone. They will create a somewhat thick line, as the stones are all at least 1/8" in diameter. Tungsten carbide cutters will also work to etch glass. There is a larger variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, so they could be used for thicker or thinner lines. Of course the diamond wheel points will work for engraving in glass as well. There is a nice variety of those to add some depth to the engraving. (The diamond wheel points are on a 3/32" shank, so you will need the #481 collet.)

  • Q: What do you use on eggs?

    A: Eggs come in varying degrees of thickness. From emu to ostrich, people seem to be engraving, cutting, carving and decorating eggs. This is a delicate art form. It's always easiest to use the largest possible accessory bit that will do even the smallest work you have. For eggs, we recommend starting with the diamond accessory bits. They produce finer, more controlled lines and while they will remove some material, because they are smaller and easier to control, they won't remove as much. For more aggressive cuts and grooves, tungsten carbide cutters will also work.

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