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Freqently Asked Questions

  • Q: Which models will the Grout Removal Attachment fit?

    A: The Grout Removal Attachment threads onto the end of all Dremel rotary tools with a threaded nosepiece (the majority). However, some older rotary tool models have no threaded nosepiece or different threads. As a result, it is not possible for it to fit onto some of the previously manufactured tools. We have not found a safe way to adapt that fit to the older tools.

  • Q: How much square footage does the accessory or removal bit cover?

    A: The age and hardness of the grout being removed will factor in, along with the depth of the removal and the speed and force at which the tool is moved. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the accessory: - Grout Removal is a high-speed application. Don't force the tool through the grout, just guide it. - Trying to remove too much depth in one pass will put so much pressure on the tip that it will break. Take about 1/8" in depth and if more removal is required, move through the grout line a second time.

  • Q: Why does the accessory bit break?

    A: The accessory bit will break if it is forced through the grout. Spinning at high speeds, the accessory bit will get very hot. The debris will also be hot. If the debris remains in the grout line, as the tool is forced through the grout, excessive pressure and heat mixed can cause the accessory to snap.

  • Q: Is the Grout Removal Attachment the same as the 565 MultiPurpose Cutting Kit and the 566 Tile Cutting Kit?

    A: No, it isn't the same. The Grout Removal Guide is offset to achieve the proper grout-cutting angle and has guides to help keep attachment between the tiles.

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