Etched Glass Doors

Dick Miller, Lihue, HI

As a professional artist, I've been using Dremel tools and accessories for the past 30 years. These entryway doors took approximately 10 days from start to finish. First, I drew the design in a 9x14 inch format. This drawing was done of my client's horses and the mountains in the back of their pasture. I converted the design to fit the window glass in the doors - in this case, 24" x 64". I taped the large drawing onto the outside of the doors, and using my MultiPro High Speed Rotary Tool with a Flex Shaft and a #83702 silicon carbide grinding stone, I outlined the design on the inside of the doors.

After etching in the outline, I used a #911 aluminum oxide grinding stone to grind everything inside the outline until it was white. After that was all completed, I used #461 and #425 polishing wheels to do all the shadows, muscle tone, and valleys in the mountains. At this point I took the #83702 silicon carbide grinding stone to go over the entire project, cleaning up lines and accenting areas that need more work.

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