Tron Light Cycle

Jordan King, TX, United States

It is a well built car. We had to put other pieces of wood to make it the right height. We sanded it to make it almost feel like soap. Then we painted grey primer on it. We taped off the part we wanted grey and painted the rest blue. Then we put tape on everything but the windows and painted them black. After it dried, we took off the tape and there were a few mistakes. We fixed them and went to the race. I was second to last, but I didn't care. As long as I impressed people, I was proud. Before we painted it, we used a dremel tool to get the details in. I got the Idea from a gameboy game named Tron, 2.0 Killer APP. Once I started playing it, I loved it. We rented the movie and I loved it. I saw they escaped the games by going in the "gateway" the crash made, while riding in the so called "Light Cycle" that leaves a trail behind it in the games. I went to the pinewood derby work shop and got an idea. I was playing "Tron" and thought of "light cycles". My dad didnt have enough time to cut it there so we did it at home. It would have been a little diffucult without plans. I was proud and I put it with my other cars from previos years, Mach 5, and the Batmobile.

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