Fire Boat

J.D. Thomas, NC, US
Fire Boat 38 is a scale model replica of a real fire boat in Charlotte NC. It is 100% wood made out of poplar and 1/8” Lauan plywood. It is 30” ‘ long and 10” wide. It is radio controlled and can pump water. The paint job has 3 primer coats of grey, 5 base coats of red and white and 5 coats of clear coat that is polished to high gloss finish. All parts are handmade form wood found in my garage. I started the project in January and finished in May working about 10-12 hours a week. I have approximately 300 hours in it. This was my first project and am looking for another one. I primarily used the Dremel 4000, 225 Flex attachment, 575 Right Angle attachment, MM40-03 Multi Max with a sanding attachment and a various assortment of cutting, grinding, polishing and sanding attachments.

What You'll Need:

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