Gold Tulip

Serguei Velidtchenko, PA, United States

This life-size gold plated Tulip was made out of mild steel as a birthday gift to my wife Deborah. As in any other of my projects, use of Dremel tool was major, from shaping welding connections to polishing surfaces for goldplating. The Dremel accessories I used in this and other projects were: Tungsten Carbide Cutters 9901, 9905,9909; Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stones 952 and 953; Sanding Disks 412 and 432; Carbon Steel Brush 428; Sanding Bands 438; Mandrel 401; Polishing Cone 422; Felt Polishing Wheel 414; Polishing Compound 421. My Dremel Tool not just made working on my projects easier; it virtually made it possible, to start with!

What You'll Need:

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