Wood Spoon & Letter Openers

Yosef, Gladstone, MO

1) All shapes, spoons (see more images) and letter openers are cut out on the scroll saw.
2) The filigree work is first drilled a pilot hole utilizing the drill press and 3/32" drill bit.
3) The filigree is then cut out with the scroll saw.
4) The letter openers, the blade part is roughed out using a Dremel Router and bit # 650 or #652.
5) Spoon, the rough work is done with bits #9931, #9935, #9936, depending on the shape I am working on.
6) After the rough work is completed, use bits # 114, #121, #125, for some of the finer work I like to use bits #9906, #9911 these smooth the work out.
7) Next step in finishing, use bits #7105, #7120, #7144.
8) For finishing use Bits #438, #503, #505, both #511.
9) Letter openers, same process, except for inlay.
10) Inlay first cuts the long way use bit #199,, cut to a depth of about 1/32" next use bit #116 carefully next to the first cut. Use bit # 196 to remove the center of the trough for the inlay. After the inlay is glued in and dry use bit# 503 to sand down to desired thickness.
11) The inserts in the letter openers are duh out with bit #193, #194, #115.

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