Build a Wood Toy Car

The 801 wheel is great for shaping wood, however it is not recommended for slotting wood. A light touch will provide the most control when using a sanding drum.

What You'll Need:

Other Supplies
  • Pencil
  • Pine Wood Block and Wheels
  • 2214 D-Vise
  • Coping Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer, Paint and Brushes

Step-By-Step Directions

Step 1

Draw the car on the pine block showing the top, side, front and back views.

Step 2

Using the D-Vise to hold the wood block, remove large areas of wood with a coping saw. A Dremel scroll saw works nicely for this step as well.

Step 3

Shape, smooth and make contours to the car using the 801 carbide shaping wheel. Shape and sand details with the 407 sanding band. Use the 432 sanding band with 120 grit for fine sanding. Recommended speed: Up to 35,000 rpm.

Step 4

After hand sanding the car to a smooth finish, paint the car using primer. When dry, sand again if necessary and spray the final color coat, then detail with paint pens or a brush. Assemble wheels and you're ready to roll!

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