Rout a Keyhole for a Shelf

The keyhole bit and the Dremel plunge router attachment make it easy to create "keyholes" for hanging shelves, brackets, picture frames and more.

What You'll Need:

Other Supplies
  • Wood Shelf
  • Bracket or Picture Frame
  • Wood Scrap

Step-By-Step Directions

Step 1

Set the depth of the 655 keyhole router bit in the plunge router attachment. Test the depth on a scrap piece of wood.

Step 2

To begin making a hole in the shelf, plunge the router down into the wood. Recommended speed: 35,000 rpm.

Step 3

After the plunge cut, guide the bit across the wood approximately 1" to create the slot.

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make the second keyhole. Now you are ready to hang the shelf and display your favorite item.

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