Install a Baseboard Corner

The Dremel rotary tool can be used to scribe a tight fit on baseboard, crown molding and other trim in the absence of a coping saw.

What You'll Need:

Step-By-Step Directions

Step 1

With a few simple items you can easily install a baseboard corner in your home.

Step 2

Using a sharp pencil, mark the correct curved shape on the piece you will cut. A small baseboard scrap can be a helpful guide.

Step 3

Cut and shape the base with a 543 carbide cutting/shaping wheel. Test the fit as you progress, slowly cutting away material until the base comes into perfect alignment. Recommended speed: 35,000 rpm.

Step 4

Pre-drill the baseboard using a 3/32" drill bit. Fasten baseboard and shoe with finish nails. Countersink nails to complete the job.

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