Engraved Candle

Explore your creativity and personalize your home when you decorate a candle using the steps shown below.
To begin, make your selection of a candle design from a stencil or you can use your own design.
We recommend practicing using the rotary tool on a spare candle or on the bottom of the candle. This will help you to gain understanding of how to operate the rotary tool and select the best operating speed.

What You'll Need:

Other Supplies
  • Candle
  • Candle templates
  • Mirror base
  • Mirror templates
  • Candle paint
  • Foam paint brush
  • #2 Pencil
  • Adhesive tape

Step-By-Step Directions

Step 1

Place the stencil on a flat surface with the design side facing down. Take a number two pencil and shade the entire back surface of the paper stencil. It is important that you cover all exposed white areas with the pencil lead. Take the stencil and wrap it around the candle until both ends of the stencil meet. Apply two pieces of tape at the meeting point of the stencil. Place your tape at the top and bottom of the joining section of the stencil.

Step 2

Take a number two pencil and trace all line art on the stencil. Firmly apply an even amount of pressure through out this process. It is very important that you trace the entire stencil design. This process will transfer the design onto your candle. Remove the stencil after you have fully completed this step. The results of this process will reveal a copy of the stencil design onto the candle.

Step 3

Carve over the transferred stencil design on the candle using a Dremel Rotary Tool with the 107 engraving cutter. Use a steady continuous motion during your carving process. After carving is finished apply a small amount of paint to the beveled section of the foam brush. Move in an upward direction along the length of the candle until you achieve a desired texture. Continue this process until you have covered the entire candle.

Step 4

Engraving the mirror base. Draw your own design on a 4 x 4 mirror or use a stencil. Using the number 7144 diamond wheel point accessory in your Dremel Rotary tool, etch in a side to side motion. Completely fill in the open areas of the stencil until it has an even, opaque texture. After completing the stencil areas remove the stencil decal from the mirror base. Use the 429 felt polishing wheel with the 401 mandrel to clean the etched areas of your glass base. This process will help clean and blend your etched areas. After your candle has completely dried, place it on top of the glass base to complete your candle kit.

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