A Look Back at Haven Conference 2018

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Dremel at Haven Conference 2018, A Look Back

The best advice we heard came from Yvonne Pratt from Stone Gable Blog.  “Haven is like a fire hose and you need to put your face in front of it to drink in as much as you can.”  In July, the team traveled to Charleston for the Haven Conference, a DIY and Decorating conference where we had the opportunity to connect with a fun and enthusiastic group of passionate makers and bloggers.   


To stand out and make this our biggest presence yet, we partnered with Gorilla Glue and got crafty with the Haven Mavens to do a few projects throughout the weekend. The tool of choice to take these crafts to the next level, was the new Dremel 2050 Stylo+!  .


We had so much fun meeting the Mavens & hearing your great feedback on the Stylo+. We’re providing all the Haven attendees (and your followers) an exclusive discount for the Stylo+ to get you making!  Use coupon code “10HAVENSTYLO” to get $10 off the new Dremel Stylo+ when you shop on Amazon.com. This offer expires on September 30 so be sure to share out this exclusive deal with your friends & followers and look like a hero doing so!


Use coupon code “10HavenStylo” to get $10 off


A Look Back at the Hype at Haven

 Check out our favorite moments from the weekend and learn how you can recreate the Kitchen Sign project from home as featured in our hands-on-demo session.

Day One

We jumped into Haven with a wide array of activities for every type of crafter. Our Make and Take featured glass etching with the new Stylo+ engraving tool in combination with making cork succulent magnets with Gorilla’s hot glue. Mavens also got an intimate walkthrough of the new Dremel Versa Power Cleaner and DigiLab Laser Cutter.

Day Two

As if the first day was not action packed enough, we held a Hands-On Session with Jenn Largesse from Build Basic who led the Kitschy Kitchen Sign project. Each participant could choose from a laser engraved stencil featuring a fun kitchen pun or a blank MDF template for those who wanted to get extra crafty. From there participants engraved & customized their designs using the Dremel Stylo+. Something that picture perfect needs to be framed right? Afterwards everyone grabbed a Dremel Saw Max to cut a barn wood frame and glue together using Gorilla Glue’s new Dual Temp Mini Glue Gun


Check out the full tutorial and build plans by Jenn from Build Basic

Do try this at home!

Want to recreate the kitchen signs we did at Haven?

Click on any of the images to download the files for the Kitchen Sign. And check out Shop.Dremel.com to learn more about the DigiLab Laser Cutter! We Created these stencils using our new Laser Cutter, to give you a precise outline to fill in using the Stylo+ to engrave

Congratulations to our winners!

We were super impressed with everyone’s projects, especially those who added their personal touch! Check out our winners of the hands-on-demo contest and follow @ourcraftymom @iamkenyarae and @somcbride for more project inspiration!


And the Winner is…

Congratulations to Kara Cook for winning the Dremel Gorilla Glue in-booth sweepstakes! We hope you enjoy your suite of Dremel tools and Gorillas Glue products! Be sure to follow @creationsbykara and keep up with the latest on her blog for more DIY tutorials and craft project ideas!


Thank you everyone who came out to the Dremel and Gorilla Glue booth at Haven. We cannot wait to see your next project! Be sure to get $10 off the new Styo+ here using the exclusive coupon code “10HavenStylo” and share your creation with us using #sharemydremel


What was your favorite moment moment from Haven? What has been the biggest change for you in these past couple weeks since the conference?

Personalized Wedding Decor

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Whether a small, intimate gathering or an elaborately orchestrated celebration, there is one thing all weddings have in common: a day the special couple will remember forever. For many, there is a whole lot of planning leading up to the Big Day. Cue the Etsy shopping! From table décor and signage to jewelry and gifts for the bridesmaids or groomsmen, Etsy has nearly everything you need to add your personal touch to every detail of your Big Day. To help make your Etsy shopping decisions a snap, we collaborated with Oaky Designs, an Etsy shop that specializes in wood wood décor using beautiful calligraphy. The founder, Brittney, designed three pieces to engrave using the Digilab laser cutter: a modern guest ‘book’, table numbers, and a cake topper. The results are stunning!

The table number and cake topper are laser cut on solid walnut. This personalized wood décor has the kind of detail that will put your guests in awe.

A customized guest book, laser etched on quarter-inch birch, gives it that rustic-chic tone of a modern wedding.

Dream of setting up shop and selling your customized creations? Check out how you can make your business with the Digilab Laser Cutter here

Shopping for wedding décor? Check out Oaky Designs here

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift for the Dad That Has It All

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For “The Dad That Has Everything,” finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a daunting task. This year, create a one of a kind gift for Dad that he can’t find anywhere else! The Hatch Photo Transfer Project Kit provides everything you need to transform any photo onto a set of wood coasters, including those flattering selfies you’ve taken together. Whether you decide to gift the completed project or the kit as a whole for the Dad that loves to create himself, the Hatch Photo Transfer Kit is an all-in-one project that encourages Makers at all skill-levels to “hatch” their out-of-the-box creative ideas.

Want to get even craftier with your Hatch Project Kit? #HackYourHatch and use your completed coasters to create a one of a kind sign that will show off your memories. Watch the video above to learn how!

Once you’re finished, don’t forget to share your design with us using #HatchPhotoTransfer! We can’t wait to see what you’ve created!

Get your hatch here!

Just Hatched, Check Out Dremel’s Newest Hatch Kit

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Meet Dremel’s New Hatch Photo Transfer Kit!

The Hatch Photo Transfer Project Kit contains everything you need to make a personalized project for yourself or to give as a gift. Transform any photo onto a set of wood coasters, including those flattering selfies. The Hatch Photo Transfer Project Kit is an all-in-one project that encourages Makers at all skill-levels to “hatch” their creative ideas. Check out our complete step-by-step video for more inspiration!

Get started on your creation!

Take a peak as we crack it open...


Inside our Dremel Hatch Project Kit you will find everything below to set you up for success. Just add creativity!

  • Craft Stick
  • 4 Wooden Coasters
  • 16 Felt Pads
  • Transfer Gel
  • Sealant
  • Gift Bag
  • Quick Guide

Get your Hatck Kit Here!

Check out how you can #HackYourHatch and add even more personalization to your final creation. Hack Your Hatch Here!

Help us Make our Mark at the Haven Conference

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Haven is just around the corner, and we are teaming up with Gorilla Glue to make it our biggest and best year yet! Check out all the fun activities as we connect with your favorite Home & DIY bloggers, demo Dremel’s newest line up tools, and provide some inspiration on DIY projects you can replicate at home.

• Live product demos on our all-new Stylo+, Versa, and Laser Cutter

• Hands-on Make & Take activities to spice up your kitchen decor

• Meet the team behind the NEW Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter

• Get inspired and connect with influencers like Jen Largesse from Build Basic

• In-booth sweepstakes for a chance to win a suite of Dremel and Gorilla Glue prizes!

Dremel will be at the Haven Conference from July 12th through the 14th, so keep up with the hype and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Looking for more inspiration? Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on our latest products and projects.

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Can’t wait for an update? Check out these highlights from our presence at Haven last year!

Last year was our first time at Haven and we had a blast! Attendees customized leather luggage tags for their trip home using the Dremel Micro. For those who wanted to get even craftier, Jaime from The Rouge Engineer and Clint Harp from DIY Network’s Woodwork & HGTV’s Fixer Upper featured hands on demos to create stellar planter boxes using the Dremel 4300 & the Saw Max. Shout out to all you makers who came out to support us last year. We hope to see all of you in July!

Get More updates from Haven Here

Create a Personalized Mother’s Day Gift in Less Than 1 hour!

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To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.

Remember the days of handcrafting that scribble and macaroni masterpiece for Mother’s Day? Your mom was always so smitten with your creative gift! A lot has changed since then, but when finding that meaningful Mother’s Day gift, one thing has always stayed true: It is the thought that counts. Show your mom how much you care by creating a personalized gift that she will love to use! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and bring back the handcrafted gift (with an upgrade)! In less than one hour, you can personalize a glass jar using the Dremel Stylo+ for a Mother’s Day gift worthy of proud mom bragging rights!

What you will need:

  • Glass cookie jar
  • Printed design (scaled to size to best fit in the height of the jar)
  • Erasable marker
  • Tape
  • Dremel rotary tool (I used the Dremel Stylo+)
  • Dremel accessory (I used the 953. You can use a grinding stone or diamond wheel point of your preference)
  • Eye protection
  • Respiratory mask


Step 1:

Tape the design to the inside of the jar. Make sure the design is straight and centered.

Step 2:

Trace the design with an erasable marker. (This step is optional, but recommended) I have found it’s easier to etch the design when it is drawn directly onto the surface you’re etching. You’ll notice that the space between the printed design and the glass can cause misalignment when looking at the jar from different angles. If you do trace the design in marker, remove the printed design from the inside of the jar.

Step 3:

Load the accessory into the tool and securely fasten using lock button and wrench, included with the tool.

Step 4:

Put on your safety glasses and dust mask, choose your desired speed (I used 4) and begin to etch the outline using your Dremel rotary tool. The reason I love Stylo+ so much is that the slim design makes it easy to hold and control.

Helpful Hint: Have a paper towel handy to wipe the jar clean as you go; it will remove the dust so you can see the design more clearly

Step 5:

If you have remnants of black marker around your design, simply use paper towel and wipe down to remove. Clean your jar and vacuum your work area to remove any residue.


Final Step:

Fill the jar with something sweet and tell your mom how much you love her.

Let us know what other fun project you think your Mom would love!


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Dremel Mission Maker Jamison Rantz from Rogue Engineer completed his final 2017 mission by creating a project that was crowd-sourced from Makers like you! Check out his unique clear picture frames featuring a rock base cut with a Dremel Saw-Max project here. In the middle of this busy time of year, he finished the Dremel Mission while working on building his family’s dream home and managed to carve out some time to answer some of our questions!

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your work?

I’m a former aerospace engineer gone rogue. I started building and designing furniture in my spare time, which then turned into something I was able to do full time. I create free and easy DIY project plans that anyone can tackle.

What does it mean to you to be a Dremel Mission Maker?

To me, being a Dremel Mission Maker means inspiring others to work with their hands, whether that’s building furniture or making a piece of jewelry, being a maker is pursuing a passion and creating something with your own hands.

What’s the best thing you’ve accomplished/experienced while on your Mission to Make with Dremel?

The best thing I’ve experienced on my Mission to Make with Dremel is connecting with people like myself and helping to inspire others to find their own mission to make.

What sort of tools do you find yourself using the most?

The tools I find myself using the most are my saws. Almost every project being with cutting wood, and you need to have the right saw to do the job.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from my family, whatever project we need for the house or just building something that will make my kids smile.

What would you say to someone who’s just starting to tackle more DIY projects?

For someone who is just starting to tackle more DIY projects I would say to just keep trying. Everyone starts somewhere, and nothing is always perfect, but the important part is that you get out there and do it.

Best tip you want our readers to know?

If you don’t know it, YouTube it.

MISSION TO MAKE: Amy Bell Interview

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Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your work?

Creativity has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember! My dad was an accomplished oil painter, and some of my first memories are of watching my mom as she worked her magic at her sewing machine. I founded my blog, PositivelySplendid.com, in 2010, with a dream to inspire others to harness their innate creative potential. Each day at Positively Splendid, you can find me knee-deep in my latest project, with ideas ranging from seasonal and home decor projects to sewing tutorials, craft ideas and recipes. It has been a fun ride, and I feel like if I have helped even just a handful of people try something they never would have dreamed to attempt before, my blogging career has been a success!

What does it mean to you to be a Dremel Mission Maker?

My goal as a Mission Maker really is to inspire people to be fearless about trying new things and taking creative risks. Dremel tools really are so accessible and easy to use, no matter your level of experience!

What’s the best thing you’ve accomplished/experienced while on your Mission to Make with Dremel?

No doubt, my favorite part of my Mission to Make was spending time at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, working alongside the amazing people from Dremel and Sculpey to host a make and take booth. It was inspiring to see people from so many walks of life--young kids all the way up to adults--experiencing the satisfaction that comes from making something to be proud of with their own two hands.

What sort of tools do you find yourself using the most?

It is so hard to choose just one! Right now, I have to say I am most obsessed with my Saw-Max tool. I am in the process of doing a revamp of our home's dining room, and that saw has made the trimwork so much easier to manage. I don't know how I ever lived without it!

Where do you find your inspiration?

The longer I have blogged, the more I have seen that old trends almost always make a resurgence. The macramé and weaving from the 70's are a perfect example of this! Those old, tried-and-true techniques are now totally fresh and current again. I love to scour thrift stores for old magazines, crafting books and cookbooks to find inspiration for ways I can breathe new life into old trends.

What’s your favorite project of all time?

My youngest child's nursery, hands down. Nearly every single project in that room was a DIY of some sort, from the crib bedding set and drapes to the painted antique dresser I found for a bargain just a month before his arrival. All of the moments I spent rocking my son in that room made the hard work worth it!

What would you say to someone who’s just starting to tackle more DIY projects?

Be fearless! Try new things, and don't be afraid to fail. Some of the best projects I've ever tackled have only been made possible through the things I've learned from my failures in the past.

Best tip you want our readers to know?

When it comes to using any new tool, always practice a bit to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of how the tool works before starting your actual project. This will help you achieve the most polished results without having to stress about possible missteps right out of the gate!


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Dremel Mission Maker Amy Bell of Positively Splendid hosted her own Craft Night recently when she provided her friends with Dremel Hatch Kits so they could create their own Skyline wall art. Instead of going to a movie or watching television, Amy provided a fun way to reconnect with her girlfriends and take a break from all things digital.

Because everything you need is conveniently packaged together for you, including the wood pallet sign, paint, brushes, stencils and more, Dremel Hatch Kits take the guesswork out of putting together a fun friends craft night. To help you out, Amy has provided a few tips to help you host your own Dremel Hatch Kit night on her blog Positively Splendid.

According to Amy, seeing her friends create a work of art and take pride in their creation made the Dremel Hatch Kit night a fun event. “I love the idea of turning this into a girls’ night, inviting friends to sip and munch while they create,” Amy said. “The beauty of the Dremel Hatch Project Kits is that they enable you to conveniently have all you need to complete the project from start to finish, which means you’ll have plenty of time to prep and host a party everyone is sure to enjoy!”

Share your craft night creations with Dremel using the hashtag #hatchskyline!


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In September, the Dremel brand introduced the first-of-its-kind Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter at the World Maker Faire in New York City. Dremel designed this innovative machine with Makers of all levels and skills in mind. The Laser Cutter is the brand's latest addition to its lineup of digital fabrication tools, which can customize a variety of materials quicker and easier than ever before. It will also allow for Makers and industrial professionals to be more productive across a broad spectrum of applications.

One of the laser’s many features is an intuitive platform that enables users to easily cut or engrave a variety of materials. For improved laser control and project management, users can also easily import designs and maximize material usage. The in-unit camera also allows users to convert original designs to files and add them to the Dremel material library for future accessibility.

To protect the user, the Dremel Laser Cutter is outfitted with a smart diagnostics platform. It is the only laser cutter on the market outfitted with automatic safety sensors to alert users of a problem and provide an immediate solution.

Due out in the Summer of 2018, find out more about the Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter by signing up for the DigiLab Insider email here.

Fun for all: World Maker Faire

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On a hot and sunny weekend in September, the Dremel brand returned to World Maker Faire New York, the premier gathering place for Makers of all kinds.

Dremel had two exhibits onsite at World Maker Faire: one dedicated to its line-up of tools and the new Hatch project kit and one to its growing line of digital fabrication products. In the tool and demonstration booth, the brand offered make and take projects, an onsite sweepstakes and a Keshot photo booth so visitors could share selfies on social media.

“We always feel that we develop meaningful relationships with Makers when we expose them to all of the products we bring to the show,” said Allison Fishman, Dremel brand director. “It’s important to us to get people to try our tools to break down any hesitation and educate them on the versatility of Dremel products,” she said.

At the show the Dremel team debuted two new digital fabrication products: the Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter and the Dremel DigiLab 3D45 3D Printer. Attendees could also stop by to meet Dremel Mission Makers Amy and Bill of American Heirloom and to see live demos of these two products. Dremel received the Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon for its Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter.

In addition Dremel President John Kavanagh was honored as the first speaker on the Main Stage on Saturday when he presented on the topic, “Redefining Invention: New Perspectives from Dremel.”

Were you one of the 90,000 attendees at this year’s World Maker Faire on a #MissiontoMake? Check out MakerFaire.com to find the next Maker Faire event near you.


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The Renegade Craft Fair took place September 9 & 10, 2017 and featured a roster of over 400 local and national Makers, tantalizing food vendors, local Chicago music performances, DIY workshops and a truly unique weekend shopping experience of handmade goods. The Dremel brand was in the midst of it all having set-up shop on Division Street in Chicago for this epic outdoor celebration of all things handmade.

The Dremel booth at the Renegade Craft Fair was a popular place to stop and create. Our focus was on ensuring the next generation of Makers knows how much fun it is to create something with just your hands and your imagination. And, of course, a Dremel rotary tool.

Dremel teamed up with co-sponsor, Sculpey Oven Bake Clay, in order to show makers how easy it is to create unique, personalized items using a Dremel rotary tool and clay. A Dremel 3D40 printer was on hand to demonstrate the variety of uses for home, business and craft. Best of all, we were surrounded by the inspiration of talented Makers of the Renegade Craft Fair curating unique items for sale.



Throughout the weekend, we hosted Dremel Mission Maker and craft expert, Amy Bell of Positively Splendid. Amy live demonstrated the Hatch Project Kit and got crafty engraving alongside attendees in the booth.

Everyone had the chance to get hands on with:

The Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder, making molds and cutouts for jewelry
The Dremel 3000 with Flex Shaft attachment or the Dremel 8050 Micro to practice making the Sculpey Clay Keychain

Additionally, all visitors had a chance to win our sweepstakes giveaway of the Dremel 3D40 printer and a gift basket of Sculpey Clay Products, valued at $1,449! Thanks to all who joined us in the Windy City on our #MissionToMake!


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One of the most encouraging aspects of the maker journey is how quickly a maker can go from finding inspiration to becoming an inspirational maker. Daniel Manning first found inspiration through the engraving works of a fellow Instagram maker, soon bringing him to testing out his own engraving skills. With no prior experience, he purchased a Dremel rotary tool and flex shaft. Soon Daniel began to experiment engraving designs onto tumblers, like shown above. Can you believe, it has only been 2 months since he started engraving with a Dremel rotary tool? At first, Daniel was engraving tumblers for his family; he now does custom designs on tumblers as a side business. You can check out his awesome etched tumblers on Instagram @UnderEstimatedFAB


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We have been giving away tools all month long! The celebration of Maker Days continues with daily prize winners and special retail offers that will continue through September 4th. If you haven’t checked it out yet, hurry over to DremelMakerDays.com for your chance to win the daily prize. Each daily entry also enters you in for a chance to be one of two lucky winners of the 11-tool grand prize package, valued at $3000.

We have been thoroughly enjoying all the photo submissions of maker projects in our gallery; take a look! Each photo earns additional entries for a chance to win the grand prize. Check out Maker Erica A’s submission of this awesome wood carved sign:

Don’t forget, now is the time to take to take advantage of special offers at participating retailers on Dremel products. When you do, head to the Dremel Maker Days site to upload your receipt; you’ll get 4 additional entries with each receipt upload.

Want to know more? Check out our Facebook page or visit DremelMakerDays.com!

Happy making!


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Known as the “DIY home away from home,” the Haven Conference is a place where DIY and decor bloggers go to celebrate their DIY spirit and learn new skills. The Dremel brand was on hand to show off Dremel products and to kick off the brand’s Mission to Make program led by Clint Harp from the HGTV show, Fixer Upper.

“For the past 85 years, Dremel has been empowering creativity,” said John Kavanagh, president of the Dremel brand. “We believe that making brings people together – inventors, artists, hackers, hobbyists. With today’s technology and ability to share what you’re making in real time and across the globe, we’re inspired by the ingenious creativity amongst Makers. Our Mission to Make shines a light on all that’s happening and we hope it inspires future Makers, both young and old.”

With a Maker Movement well underway within the country, the Dremel brand has teamed up with the famed Waco, Texas woodworker Clint Harp to encourage those on the sidelines to realize that anyone can be a Maker. “I’m encouraging Makers all over the place to get into their shops and start making things,” said Harp. “For me a simple way to start is to jump to your garage and make some small projects. You don’t have to think big. I know I make 17-foot-long tables on TV, and that’s all fun and I love doing it, but it’s also fun to make something a little simpler.”

At the Haven Conference in Atlanta, Harp and Mission Maker Jamison Rantz of Rogue Engineer showed a jam-packed room how to create a simple herb planter box from a wood pallet with help from the Dremel Saw-Max and 290 Engraver. On day two, Jamison demonstrated a variety of Dremel tools as part of a class on making outdoor yard games. Attendees were given the opportunity to create a wooden game as they put the Dremel 4300 rotary tool through its paces.

Each day attendees had the opportunity to use the Dremel 8050 Micro cordless rotary tool to try their hand at decorating and personalizing leather luggage tags. Dremel team members frequently heard the comment, “I had no idea that you could use a rotary tool to engrave leather!”

With Atlanta crossed off the Mission to Make map, the Dremel brand is heading to Chicago next to inspire at the Renegade Craft Fair. Will we see you on our #MissionToMake?

Clint Harp Helps Dremel on its Mission to Make

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Last month, we introduced you to three Dremel Mission Makers: Jamison Rantz of the Rogue Engineer, Amy Bell of the Positively Splendid and Amy Stringer-Mowat of American Heirloom. Together with the Dremel brand we're rolling up our sleeves and on a Mission To Make, and we'll be bringing you inspirational projects, helpful how-to's and taking you behind the scenes and across the country to three Maker events this year.

This month, we’re adding one more Maker to the mix. Clint Harp of “Fixer Upper” and “Wood Work,” is helping to launch the brand’s Mission to Make. Dremel has teamed up with the famed Waco, Texas woodworker to encourage those on the sidelines to realize anyone can be a Maker.

Our first event is at the Haven Conference in Atlanta, Georgia where Clint will join with Mission Maker Jamison of Rogue Engineer to encourage our growing community of Makers on this journey.

“I want to inspire people to try something new, to tackle an idea they’ve seen or to dream up something new entirely and share it with the world,” said Harp. “There’s no doubt we’re seeing a renaissance. People are getting back to their roots and working with their hands to create.”

Dremel is the first tool company the celebrity woodworker has partnered with since his projects like attention-grabbing tables and elaborate doors began gracing the airwaves a few short years ago.

“Dremel believes anyone can be a Maker, and when I look at the world, all I see is possibility,” said Harp. “We can all wake up and do that thing that seems impossible. We can try. It’s not about the project. It’s about so much more.”

Since 1932, Dremel has powered Makers by producing ingenious tools, applications and accessories to meet their ever-evolving needs. To track the Dremel brand’s Mission to Make, use the hashtag #MissiontoMake or follow the Dremel brand’s social properties via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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Dremel kicked off the first annual Maker Days event last year and we were excited and inspired by your participation! Dremel exists because of Makers like you, and we love the opportunity to engage in a month-long event celebrating all of the creativity that you share. We kicking off our second year of the digital event next Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

If you’re asking, “What is Maker Days?” we are excited for you to join us in 2017! Maker Days is 35 days of daily giveaways and the chance for two lucky individuals to win our grand prize package, valued at $3000. August 1st through September 4th, you can visit dremelmakerdays.com to register in a sweepstakes to win Dremel goodies. Each daily entry enters you to win the daily prize and a chance to win the grand prize package. You can earn additional entries for the grand prize by participating in “bonus activities,” which include:

Loading a photo of a project you’ve done
Uploading a receipt of a Dremel purchase
Watching a video
Referring friends to sign up for Maker Days through Facebook or Twitter

Finally, select Dremel retailers are partnering in the event to provide you with special offers and incentives on Dremel products throughout the month, so be sure to check out dremelmakerdays.com for more information!

In the meantime, keep sharing your inspiration on social using #DremelMaker--you can land a spot in the next Dremel eNewsletter!


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Create an exotic vacation right in your backyard. This luxurious, private space is easy to store away and can be achieved with a couple of Dremel tools and accessories.

Tools needed:

Supplies needed:

  • Four 5' lengths of pre-threaded galvanized pipe, 1" in diameter
  • Four 1" metal floor flanges
  • Five 10' lengths of PVC pipe, 1" in diameter
  • Four female PVC adapters
  • Four PVC elbow connectors
  • Four PVC T connectors
  • Window coverings, 7' in length


Start by creating your four posts, threading each of the galvanized pipes to a flange.
Next, thread a PVC female connector to the top of each pipe.


You can drill the flange to the ground, or if you'd like the cabana to be easily stored away, set it into a large flowerpot as we did and anchor the pots with sand.


Cut your PVC framework to size with your Dremel Saw-Max tool and your SM500 Wood and Plastic Wheel.
If you are following our dimensions, you'll need to cut: four pieces at 2" long, four pieces at 2' long, two pieces at 7' long and two pieces at 9' long.
We always recommend securing your work piece onto your work bench using a clamp or vice.
With your pipe secure, plunge your Saw-Max tool, equipped with the SM500 wheel, into your lines of cut. You'll notice that the abrasive edge of the cutting wheel leaves a nice, smooth finish behind in your pipe.

Now it is time to connect your framework together.

First, adjoin a 2' PVC pipe to the female connector on each of the galvanized pipes.


Then lay out the top frame of the cabana as depicted here, connecting the elbow frames to each T-connector with the 2" PVC pieces you cut in step 2.


Once you have all of the pieces together, you can secure the fit of your top frame by drilling each end of the elbow joints.

Make this step easier with the Dremel 4200 and a 150 drill bit. Mount the accessory into the 4200 tool, set the tool to a speed of 5-10 and plunge straight down into the two ends of the joint.

Fit the corners back together and secure them with a screw through the pilot holes.

If you choose to screw the pieces together, be sure to add your desired window coverings or fabric, sliding them onto each side of your frame before securing it together.


Finally, secure each of your T-joints on top of each of the corner PVC stands.

Dremel Weekends Project: Bottle Stoppers

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Use a piece of soft wood to create these unique holiday gifts that will be used for years to come.

This project can also be found on Dremel.com

Tools Needed:

Dremel Saw-Max SM20
Dremel SM500 3" Wood & Plastic Carbide Wheel
9100 Fortiflex Heavy Duty Flex Shaft Tool
Dremel Engraving Cutters
9910 Tungsten Carbide Cutter
7103 Diamond Wheel Point
117 High Speed Cutter

Other supplies:

Soft wood piece (we re-purposed a chair leg)
Bottle Stopper kit
Drill Driver & 7/32" bit


Step 1:

Sketch your design onto your chosen wood piece as a guide.


Step 2:

Using your Saw-Max equipped with a SM500 Wood & Plastic Wheel, cut your wood piece to size. We re-used an old chair leg as our material for this project. If your wood piece is thicker than 3/4" of an inch, you may need to flip or rotate your material to complete your cut.


Step 3:

Secure your piece of wood in a vice & using your FortiFlex tool paired with a 117 High-Speed Cutter bit, remove the initial material from your carving. Once the larger portions of material is removed & you have a general shape you're happy with, switch to 9910 & 7103 accessories to add more detail. When carving your piece, be sure not to remove an excessive amount of material so you can drill a 7/32" hole about 1" into your wooden piece on step 4.


Step 4:

Finally, you'll need to drill through the bottom of your wood carving. Using a 7/32" bit, drill a 1" deep hole in a piece of wood any size you wish that is longer than the threaded stem on the wine stopper. A few drops of CA glue, or epoxy, in the threaded hole of the wood, prior to screwing it onto the stopper, will securely fix the wood to the stopper. Slide an O-ring into each groove in the stopper body.

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