May 2016

Dremel Newsletter May 2016
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May 2016 | Vol 12 | Issue 5
Being a Maker isn't just about creating; it's about sharing the joy of creating something with the people you love. This month we're focusing on the people we love the most, even when they drive us crazy: Family. Former MAKE Magazine editor-in-chief Mark Frauenfelder shares some pro-tips for encouraging your family to Make more together. We also have a pair of Dremel weekends projects to help refresh your outdoor décor and enjoy your backyard this summer.
MAKER OF THE MONTH: Mark Frauenfelder
Meet the Maker: Introducing Mark Frauenfelder
As the editor-in-chief of MAKE Magazine and co-founder of Boing Boing, Mark Frauenfelder knows what separates a good project from a great one. When it comes to finding inclusive, family-friendly projects, things can get a little more difficult. We sat down with Mark to find out how to get your kids more involved in Making and what it takes to create a project the whole family can get excited about.
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Deck Railing Planter
Add a flourish to your deck railing with this beautiful, two-sided planter.
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Movie Screen
Build a custom projection screen and get together for a family movie night.
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3d corner
Want a 3D Printer? Become an Idea Builder Ambassador!
As a teacher, we know you’re busy and probably get a lot of emails, so we’ll cut to the chase:

How would you like a free 3D printer for your classroom?.
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Enter to Win
Win Your Own Custom Indian Motorcycle
Win a one-of-a-kind Indian Scout Motorcycle engraved by Hank Robinson and other cool Dremel prizes!
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Win the Dremel 8050 Micro
Brilliantly powerful, the Dremel Micro is the perfect combination of size, ergonomics and power that make it the ultimate tool for both precise and light duty DIY tasks. Designed to be held between the thumb and forefinger like a pencil, the Dremel Micro allows a grip that is close to the work-piece for superior maneuverability and control. To illuminate projects, the Dremel Micro has LED lights built uniquely into the nose cap to aid in vision and accuracy. The Dremel Micro features lights that indicate battery level, Li-on battery technology, and a docking station that automatically stops charging when the batteries have reached capacity.
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Congratulations to Will W. from Albion,MI. He won a Dremel Velocity in the last eNewsletter giveaway.
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