MM502 1/16” Grout Removal Blade

Model # MM502

Product Specifications

The MM502 grout blade is great for removing grout in either 1/16” or 1/8” grout lines for both wall and floor tiles. The MM502 is made to remove the grout up to the surface of a wall or corner; simply orient the blade on your Multi-Max oscillating tool, for extended reach. With our Universal Quick-Fit™ interface, you can use this accessory on almost any oscillating tool.

  • Removing grout joints between wall tiles for repair, remodeling or restoration work
  • Grout removal blades are used for removing grout from between wall or floor tiles
  • The grout blade is designed so that the blade can remove all grout up to the surface of a wall or corner
  • Before selecting a grout blade measure the grout line width to pick the appropriate blade
  • All Multi-Max accessories are max performance tested for endurance in real-life applications so that you can feel confident that every Multi-Max accessory you buy will have proven value and performance
Description: 1/16" Grout Removal Blade
Tool Level: 9 - Accessories – multi max accessories
Quantity: 1
Blade Thickness: 0.0625"
Blade Length: 2.67
Application: Grout joints
Used on Model No.: Accessories also fit Fein Multi-Master 636; Bosch Multi-X™ PS50
Contents: 1 Blade
Width: 0.0625"
Blade Width: 2.67
Color Code: Black


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