Dremel Digilab 3D40 Flex EDU Printer Bundle

Model # 3D40-FLX-EDU

Product Specifications

The Dremel Digilab 3D40 FLEX Idea Builder 3D printer is Dremel's best 3D printer for classroom use or to use at home. 3D printing beginners, teachers and students alike will appreciate the new removable flexible build plate that makes it quick and easy to remove finished parts after printing, the new 30% faster Draft mode that allows you to create more parts in less time, the new automatic 9-point calibration that helps your parts stick to the bed better and makes the 3D40 FLEX more reliable, the large 3.5 In. full color touchscreen with an intuitive interface for easy use, and the fully enclosed sturdy plastic design that keeps curious hands out and also makes the printer quiet and safe. You can easily connect the printer to Wifi and use the included remote printing software to send prints from wherever you are. The printer has a high accuracy up to 50 micron resolution but you can also print very quickly with the new Draft mode in 340 micron layer height setting. Start printing out of the box with 30 standards aligned lesson plans, developed alongside partners with years of experience developing curriculum. The lesson plans teach students how to solve open-ended problems by creating their own models and prototypes, testing them out, and iterating to make improvements. They will learn how to work effectively in teams, and of course they will learn about 3D printing too. The kit also includes a professional development course with quizzes and a final exam that allows you to get 4 hours of your yearly professional development requirement out of the way. The kit also includes 3 spools of filaments in different colors, extra build tape for your build platform, and an extra Dremel build platform so that you can easily swap out platforms between prints. Everything you need to bring the magic of 3D printing to your classroom.

  • The 3D40 flexible build plate makes it quick, easy and painless to remove your finished parts
  • Print up to 30% faster with the new draft printing mode so you can make more projects for your class
  • Quick and easy setup with guided 2-point semi automated leveling and automatic 9 point calibration
  • Start using the 3D40 flex right out of the box with 30 lessons included and ready to implement in your classroom
  • Excellent safety & support – highly rated customer service, 1 year warranty & UL certification
  • Introduce your students to the world of digital fabrication allowing them to visualize lessons and realize their own potential to create
  • Receive 4 hours of professional development credits after completing 3D printing course designed especially for teachers
  • Full color touch screen lets you go from file to building effortlessly
  • Fully enclosed for protected building
Filament Type(s): PLA Filament
Maximum Build Width (in): 6.7
Cord Length: 5 ft
Maximum Build Height (in): 6
Amperage: 1.8
Minimum Layer Thickness / Resolution (Microns): 50
Maximum Build Depth (in): 10
Filament Diameter(mm): 1.75

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4Projects using the 3d40-flx-edu-dremel-digilab-3d40-flex-edu-printer-bundle

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lawn & garden

Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

1week ago

Rain Barrel

home repair

Rain Barrel

1week ago

3D45 Particle Dress


3D45 Particle Dress

2weeks ago

DIY Ornaments


DIY Ornaments

1month ago

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