Team up your Dremel Multi-Tool with an EZ SpeedClic: Sanding Mandrel and Sanding Band (SC407) to smooth wood cuts

Indoor Gardening

Bring the outside in with a DIY indoor garden. Dremel’s step-by-step projects and inventive video tutorials will inspire you to create a green hub in your home. What’s more, you’ll develop a wealth of DIY skills along the way. Go on, dig in!

Natural DIY birch wood candle holders

How to Make Birch Wood Candle Holders

These birch wood candle holders are an awesome addition to your sustainable indoor garden. Here’s how to make them in just 4 easy-to-follow steps.

Created Indoor Zen Garden  using plywood and Dremel Tools.

How to Make an Indoor Zen Garden

Brush up on your sawing skills by making this mindful, miniature zen indoor garden. Added bonus: it adds instant tranquillity to your home.

DIY succulent glass planters engraved using Dremel’s Stylo+

How to Make a DIY Succulent Planter

Bring spring inside your home by enhancing your indoor garden and engrave a glass succulent planter!

Anna puutarhallesi persoonallinen ilme koristeellisilla kukkaruukuilla

Koristeelliset kukkaruukut

Anna puutarhallesi persoonallinen ilme ja tee itse ainutlaatuisia lahjoja tekemällä tyylikkäät kaiverrukset maalattuihin terrakottaruukkuihin.

Recycling a coconut shell to create a hanging planter it's a real pleasure with the Dremel Multi-Tool

Give It a Twist: Upcycle a Coconut Shell Into a Plant Hanger

Discover how to upcycle a coconut shell into a DIY hanging planter with the help of this illuminating video and your dependable Dremel Multi-Tool.

A Dremel Stylo+ is the perfect tool for etching a pretty pattern into your terrarium

Shopping Guide: Create a Lush Indoor Garden with These 8 Terrific Tools

Check it out: this smart shopping guide lists all the equipment you need to start your indoor gardening adventure.