Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Gifts & Décor Ideas

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience, especially when it comes to sticking to a budget. DIY projects are a great way to save money while adding a personal touch to your big day. Here are some affordable DIY wedding ideas that will inspire you to add a personal touch to your special day.

DIY Wedding ideas you can do with your Dremel when planning a wedding

Table Arrangements for the Wedding Reception

Name Tag DIY for Wedding Table Arrangement
  • Table Number Centrepiece: Make your guests find their table numbers by incorporating the tags to your flower centrepieces, like this one here. Other great way is to upcycle old wine bottles into the number plates, which you can easily learn how to do by following this step by step guide.
  • DIY Flower Centrepiece: Renting or buying vases for your reception can get quite expensive. Instead, repurpose spare materials and turn it into the perfect table decoration. Check out some inspiration we picked out for you here and here.
  • Upcycled Vases: Turn old vases into beautiful modern decoration with only some spray paint and a Dremel Glue GunFollow this easy step by step guide to get started!
  • Seat Name Tags: Create custom name tags for each guest with an engraved leather strap waiting for them on their seat. Follow this step by step make your own.

Wedding Décor & Stationary

Easy DIY to Create a Wedding Guest Book with a Dremel Multi-Tool
  • Personalised Guest Book:
    Turn any regular notebook or photo album into a beautiful guest book for your beloved ones to leave a note. Here you can follow how to create it in just a few steps with the embroidery technique using the Dremel Lite.
  • Name Plaque Engraving:
    Personalise your wedding decor by adding name plaques with engraved messages to your reception tables. Check out this Instagram post from our community for inspiration.
  • Simplified Envelop Wax Sealing of Wedding Invitations:
    Add your initials or a symbol of your choice to the envelop by sealing your wedding invitation with a Dremel Glue GunCheck out this project to learn how to do it.


Special and Unique Elements to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Wedding DIY ideas for special decoration and unique eye-catcher at the ceremony
  • Personalised Ring Box: Turn any block of wood into a ring box for keeping the wedding rings in place until everyone gets to hear the ‘YES’. With out carving accessories and the pyrography set you have no limits in creating your own design.
  • Wooden Bow Tie DIY for the groom and best man: Make a unique wooden bow tie like this one for the groom or the groomsmen.
  • Clothes hangers for the bride and the groom: Instead of purchasing some custom clothes hangers, why not make them yourself with an easy engraving.
  • Kids Corner Teepee: Create a fun space for kids at your wedding with this DIY teepee project

DIY Gift Ideas for Wedding Guests

Use your Dremel Multi-Tool to make classy DIY gifts based on these wedding gift ideas

If you're attending a wedding and want to give a thoughtful and personalized gift, these DIY projects are a great option.

  • Custom Passport Case: It is quite common to gift money to the bridal couple for their honeymoon. Instead of handing it over in an envelope, you can gift-wrap the money in a hand engraved passport case with their initials.
  • Personalised Wine Bottle: Create a custom engraved wine bottle with this Instagram post as inspiration.
  • Engraved Plant Pot: Since the love in an everlasting relationship requires lots of care, make a sentimental reference to that by gifting a plant in a hand engraved pot with your personal message. Check out this example for inspiration.
  • Personalised Shot Glasses: Give the bridal couple something to cheer with that makes them always remember their special day. Any glass can easily be engraved with our Glass Etching Set.). Check out this example from our community.
  • 1-Year Anniversary Wine Box: Create a custom wine box with a bottle to open on the first wedding anniversary. Make it a very sentimental gift by including some letters from you and some other guests read when looking back at their special day. Follow this DIY step by step guide for this wedding gift idea.
  • Engraved Wine Glasses: It’s a classic gift that never gets old! Get creative with any glass etching project. Check out some designs from our community for design inspirations.

DIY Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrate special memories with the right DIY anniversary gift

By making a gift yourself, you can add a personal touch that will show your loved one just how much you care. Plus, the process of creating the gift can be a fun and nostalgic experience, as you reminisce about shared memories and the moments that have brought you closer together. Here is a list of creative and sentimental DIY project ideas that you can try out for your upcoming anniversary.

  • Hand Engraved Photo box: Bring back those wedding memories by printing your favorite photos as polaroid. Git-wrap them in a vintage metal box with an engraved personal note or a beautiful design of the initials. Watch this example to learn how easily to do it yourself.
  • Travel Map Coasters: Besides the wedding memories, you may also want to bring back the ones from your honeymoon. Why not turn a travel map from your honeymoon destination into some decorative coasters? Check out this project for inspiration.

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