How to become master

How to become master

Want to see a master at work and improve your own skills in woodworking, glass-engraving, gluing and a lot of other applications?

Woodcarving with master Stijn van Oss

How to Become a Master in Carving Wood

Want to see a master at work and improve your own wood carving skills? Learn from Dutch craftsman Stijn van Oss in this inspiring masterclass.

Engraving master class with Maud Wigman

Engraving Glass: How to Become a Master

Want to see a glass-engraving master at work? Build on your own engraving skills with our inspiring masterclass with glass engraver Maud Wigman.

Routing masterclass by Peter Heuveling

How to Become a Routing Master

Watch a master at work! Peter Heuveling explains which router bits to use, how to handle the Dremel Plunge Router and much more.

Gluing masterclass

How to Master Gluing

Ready to get creative with your glue gun? Watch interior stylist Emily Dawe’s gluing masterclass to take your gluing skills to the next level.

This masterclass guides you through the more advanced aspects of sanding.

How to Master Sanding

Watch this sanding tutorial by craftswoman Laura Anna Abelli and learn how to master several sanding techniques on wood and metal.

Cleaning and polishing with motorcycle master Dániel Králik.

How to Master Cleaning And Polishing

Are you keen to take your cleaning and polishing skills up a notch? In this masterclass, Dániel Králik and his cool colleagues at Neuga – an incredible motorcycle workshop in Budapest – renovate an old engine block.