How To Clean Your Knitted Trainers

Cleaning and polishing shoe using Dremel Versa tool

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We know how much you love your favourite pair of trainers and knit shoes are so comfortable to wear. But they can’t look brand new forever and they can be a bit of nightmare to clean.. Here at Dremel we have put together a quick step-by-step tutorial to help your knitted  trainers look brand new in no time! Be ready for everyone to ask you about your new trainers.

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L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Step 1 4

Use the Bristle brush to clean off any debris

Clean off the debris for the final touch

Last  but not least, grab the Versa Bristle Brush to  clean off any debris left on the trainers. You don’t need to worry about looking for a soft brush or using an old toothbrush like old times. This accessory is the ideal cleaning spin brush you need to give those final touches to your trainers. Remember to be gentle while working with the brush! We don’t want to cause any pilling or fraying on the material.

Step 2 4

Switch to the Non-Scratch Pad to clean the sole

Cleaning the sole will give that brand new look all over your trainers!

Once you have finished with the fabric, on to the sole. Not everyone knows how to clean a sole correctly, and let us tell you that it is as important as cleaning the rest of the trainers. Without a good looking sole we won’t achieve that brand new look that we want.  

Switch to the Blue Microfiber Non-Scratch Pad.To make the sole squeaky clean use a bit of warm water and soap on it.  Don’t apply too much pressure, let the tool do the work! Don’t be afraid to scratch the sole, this pad was designed for tough jobs without scratching the surface. Still not feeling confident with how it looks? Just repeat the process as needed until your trainers are dirt-free.

Step 3 4

Use the Foam Pad with some warm water and soap on the fabric

Cleaning the fabric is easy with the White Foam Eraser Pad (PC362)

Start by removing the laces from the trainers and fill them in with a cloth. This will prevent the trainers from absorbing too much water. But Wait! Don’t forget to clean the laces! There’s no brand new looking trainers without impeccable laces to go with them. This is quite easy. Just grab a small bowl with some water in it and soak the laces. Let’s move to the trainers again . Dilute a small amount of soap in a bowl with warm water. Grab your Dremel Versa together with the White Foam Eraser Pad and gently start cleaning the fabric. No need to use an abrasive cleaner anymore, this pad was designed to remove the stains without causing harsh damage. Quick tip before you continue: always use less pressure than you would with a heavier material, such as leather.

Step 4 4

Final result

Brand-new looking sneakers

There you go! Now you are ready to wear your brand new looking old favorite trainers