Japanese Cherry Blossom Cushions

How to create Japanese cherry blossom cushions

Create some lovely cherry blossom cushions to brighten up your sofa. Add a Japanese screen behind it or place a vase of cherry blossom on your coffee table, along with some cherry blossom room fragrance perfume sticks and you’ll evoke the beauty of a Japanese garden. What could be nicer?

You need
  • No utilities needed
  • White and pink organza fabric. Fabric must be man-made fibre only
  • Brown strung sequins
  • Green non-tray fabric such as faux suede or felt or green sequins
  • Clear hot fix gems
  • Cushion pads with silk covers
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 4
Cut out blossom flower shapes from organza with Dremel VersaTip

Cut out blossom (flower) shapes from the organza fabric using the Dremel VersaTip with the soldering tip. If using thicker fabrics, use the VersaTip hot cutting knife.

Step 2 4
Place 3 organza flowers on top of each other and fuse together

To create the individual blossoms, place three organza flowers on top of each other, then pinch them all together in the centre. Touch the point on the back of the flowers with the VersaTip and the soldering tip attachment to fuse them into one blossom.

Step 3 4
Use the Dremel Glue Gun to form branches with brown sequins onto cushion

Use the Dremel Glue Gun with clear glue to stick the strung brown sequins onto the cushion cover to form the branches, planning the design carefully first if you want it to run across a number of cushions.

Step 4 4
Using Dremel VersaTip fix gems onto blossom buds

Cut out leaf shapes from green fabric and use the Dremel Glue Gun to glue the leaves and blossom in place as shown. Alternatively, you could create leaves using lime green sequins. Add some sparkle to your cushions by using the Dremel VersaTip to apply the hot fix gems to suggest blossom buds or more flower-shaped blossoms, if you prefer.