What you need to create your postcard board

  • Difficulty

The geometric shapes gives a creative and modern way to show off your postcards or photos. With this project you can be creative and design any geometric shape you can think of. Get crafting using our Dremel 3000 and range of accessories to engrave an inspirational design to your board.

You need
  • Ruler
  • Anti-slip pad
  • Clamp
  • Paint brush
  • Awl
  • Pen/potlood
  • Safety Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Scissors
  • Wrench
  • Carbon Paper
  • Pine wood
  • String
  • Template
  • Thin rope
  • Paint
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 11

Materials needed and Measure circle

Draw two circles on wood using a pencil
Measure of circle

The first circle should measure out to have a 30 cm diameter. Tie one end of the string around the awl and the other side around the pencil to give a  15 cm radius. Then draw the 30 cm circle using the pencil onto the pine wood. 

Next draw a 25cm circle within the 30cm circle.

Step 2 11

Paint circle

Paint the inner circle with paint

Paint the 25cm circle.

Step 3 11

Cut circle out

Cut out the outer circle with Dremel Multi-Tool and cutting set 566

Use a clamp to secure the wood, use the multipurpose cutting kit to cut out the 30 cm circle.

Step 4 11


Sand the circle with Dremel 3000 and Sanding bands 407

Sand the edges of the circle using a sanding band.

Step 5 11

Marking drill holes

Draw some holes with a pencil to mark drilling points

Using a pencil, mark holes on the wood for where you will drill through to put the thin rope through. Consider the geometric shaping you would like to achieve here.

Step 6 11


Drill through the holes that were marked with a pencil using the Drill bit (150). 

Step 7 11


Using an Awl trace the design onto wood using carbon paper

Using an Awl or a sharp pencil trace the design onto the wood using the carbon paper

Step 8 11

Peel back

Lift paper to see if design has transfered onto wood

Peel the design back slowly and check that the design printed onto the wood. If not go over the design with more pressure.

Step 9 11


Go over lines with Dremel Multi-Tool and start to engrave into wood

Use the 190 or 191 to engrave the traced template

Step 10 11

Thread rope

Thread the rope through the drilled holes to make a deometric shape

Thread the rope through the drilled holes to make a geo-metric shape. Ensure to tighten rope so it will hold the post-cards.

Step 11 11

Knot the rope and finalize the project

Knot the rope on the back of your design
How to make your own postcard board with a Dremel Multi-Tool

On the back of your design tie the rope in a knot to secure the rope.

Once you knot the rope you are finished!