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Emmanuel Hebert

I have my own Youtube channel called “MagicManu”. I am passionate about DIY, I am not a professional but I learnt by myself through practising and I love to learn new things. My projects don’t require expensive equipment but with some creativity, you can always create nice things.

Toys and decoration pieces mainly in wood
IT Developer
Favourite Dremel Tool

How-To: Create an led clock with a design

Create a wooden clock in the shape of your favorite logo or design!

Using Dremel Multi-Tool and Dremel Plunge Router to cut the outline on wood


Create a design or print an existing design template and trace this on to a piece of wood. Using a Dremel Multi- Tool such as the Dremel 3000 and the Dremel Plunge Router cut out the outline. This will give you an accurate design.


Trace the same design template with a marker onto a sheet of Plexiglass. With the Dremel 3000 and the Dremel Plunge Router cut out this outline which will be the exact same shape as the wood. By joining these two together you will create a stronger structure.

Using the Dremel 3000 to sand


Using the Dremel 3000 and sanding accessories such as the Dremel SC407 EZ Speedclic Sanding Mandrel and Sanding Bands, sand any uneven edges to create a perfectly smooth finish.


You will now need to create a plastic backing support using Plexiglass to give the clock structure and support and help it to stand freely. Use the Dremel DSM20 to create clean and straight cuts.

End result of Magic Manu's clock with electric elements


Paint and decorate the wood with your design and assemble the electronic elements. Your clock is now ready to be used!

Used Products/Tools

Dremel 3000

Dremel 3000

Multi-Tool – Quick. Compact. All-round.

DREMEL® DSM20 (DSM20-3/4)

DREMEL® DSM20 (DSM20-3/4)

Compact saw – For precise, clean and straight cuts with clear line of sight

DREMEL® Plunge Router Attachment (335)

DREMEL® Plunge Router Attachment (335)

Transform your Dremel Multi-Tool into a plunge router.

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