Dremel maker Gregg


Hyper curious about everything, Gregg started carving skateboard decks in 2013 in his garage using many different techniques he learned during his career as a sculptor/propmaker in the sfx industries. Most of his work combines different materials but wood carving with a dremel tool has always been the main focus of his creative process.

Skateboard decks and epoxy resin
13 years
Favorite tool
Favorite rotary tool is the dremel 4000, favorite accessory is the Dremel 4486 Keyless chuck, and favorite bit is the 115HP

I’m very grateful I failed so hard so many times so I can be where I am today.

GG inaction

Questions & Answers

I started experimenting with a dremel tool in 2009 by carving Tikis in dead tree branches from my mom’s garden. Then I discovered the wonders of carving into skateboard decks and fell in love with the process while carving out the very last deck I used to ride. I’ve been experimenting since then and started to combine skate decks with epoxy resin in 2020 as I was playing with clear resins at my day job a sculptor.

The most challenging is trying as hard as possible not to break small parts and being able to reach intricate spots when I carve skulls. And one of the most stressful parts is pouring some resin and hoping the mixing ratio is the right one as you only have one shot at covering your unique sculpture.

I enjoy so much making huge amounts of multicolor wood dust while carving some used skateboard decks, digging deep and carving the shapes out of a big block of recycled decks is also one of the most satisfying steps of what I do.

I have several sketchbooks where I draw a few of my designs so here and then if I’m not inspired I just go through those and pick a theme or a design that I like. Usually I have random ideas that pop in my head and I just quickly put them on paper. It can be a kind of design I like, a technical challenge, or just a general idea around food or some 90’s kids references. And when I’m finally about to start a new sculpture, I make a few drawings and even create a 3d model sometimes.

Projects made by Gregg