Dremel maker Lisanne Multem

Lisanne Multem

Meet Lisanne Multem. A Dutch creator who loves interior design, crafting personalised home décor and DIY projects. Her goal is to inspire people and help make them enthusiastic about projects that beautify their home. She shares how-to’s and tips on her Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and her blog. Not a month goes by where she does not experiment with new styles and elements within her home.

The Netherlands
Interior design and DIY projects



Next to this passion, Lisanne is also an author having written 3 creative interior design books, a handmade fashion book and Lisanne also has her own “Happy Handmade Living” magazine.

Lisanne's DIY Projects

Lisanne Multem - Krans


Lisanne Multem - Terracotta Pots

Terracotta Pots

Lisanne Multem - Personalised Gift Tags

Personalised Gift Tags

Lisanne Multem - Personalised Gift Boxes

Personalised Gift Boxes

Favourite Dremel tools

Woman new Dremel lite tool to engrave a pattern onto a wooden chair

The new Dremel Lite

Precise Tool, Small Job, Big Result

Man using Dremel 4250 tool

Experience never-ending energy

The new Dremel® 4250.

DREMEL® VersaTip

DREMEL® VersaTip

Butane soldering iron – The cordless 6-in-1 gas-torch for hot cutting, pyrography and more