Shopping guide: Everything You Need to DIY Your Pet’s Supplies

Cutting out a perfect circle is easy with the help of a Dremel Multi-Tool, a Line and Circle Cutter (678) and 2 Multi-Vise clamps (2500)

If you love your pet (and let’s face it, who doesn’t), what could be more fun than showering it in homemade pet gifts? The possibilities are endless, from a simple DIY rabbit toy to a deluxe cat bed or even a teepee for your darling dog. With this shopping guide, you’ll have all the necessary tools and accessories to hand to get creative, whether it’s your puppy, parrot or python that needs pampering.

Dremel® Lite

Team up your Dremel Lite (7760-15) with a Finishing Abrasive Buff (511S) for cleaning and sanding purposes

A Dremel Lite is the perfect multipurpose tool for small DIY jobs as well as craft projects. It’s super easy to use: lightweight, cordless and highly manoeuvrable. Its clever EZ Twist system allows for effortless accessory changes, making switching between different jobs a doddle. The Dremel Lite is your go-to tool for carving, grinding, polishing, sanding and engraving, making it a wonderful choice for all light-duty DIY pet projects.


Dremel® 8220

Dremel® 8220

If you’re considering a larger scale DIY pet project, such as upcycling an old drum into a very cool cat bed, Dremel has a wonderful all-rounder for you: the Dremel 8220 Multi-Tool. It packs a lot of power, yet it’s cordless, making it easy to use in all kinds of DIY situations, from detailed to demanding. There’s even an LED light for 20/20 vision in low light conditions. It fits a variety of Dremel attachments and accessories, from cutting wheels to sanding bands and grinding stones. No DIY pet project is too big for this bad boy.


EZ SpeedClic Multipurpose Accessory Set (SC725)

With the EZ SpeedClic Multipurpose Accessory Set (SC725) you have an abundance of Dremel accessories at your disposal, including a Wood Cutting Wheel (SC544) for cutting floorboards

This Multipurpose Accessory Set turns your trusty Dremel Multi-Tool into a distinguished DIY giant. With a whopping 70 accessories, the world of homemade pet gifts is your oyster. From a playful rabbit toy to an intelligent dog game and anything in between, it’s yours for the making. Thanks to accessories like mandrels, abrasive buffs, cutting wheels for wood, metal and plastic, and polishing cloths, you’ll soon be cutting, sanding, grinding, carving, engraving or polishing away for your next DIY pet project. Once you’re done, the storage case will keep all items neatly organised until next time.



Dremel® Line & Circle Cutter (678)

Cutting circles has never been easier – just attach Dremel’s Line & Circle Cutter (678) to your trusty Multi-Tool

If you’re aiming for professional-looking results when creating your next DIY pet project – like a cute rabbit toy or an old suitcase turned feeding station – the Line & Circle Cutter is an awesome addition to your toolbox. This innovative Dremel attachment allows you to cut perfect circles as well as super straight lines. This may sound simple, but if you’ve ever tried this freehand, you’ll know it isn’t easy at all. The Line & Circle Cutter attaches to your Multi-Tool quickly – no extra tools needed. It has a ruler with measurements in both inches and centimetres, and a cutting depth setting as well.


Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565)

Team your Dremel Multi-Tool with a Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565) for optimal control and visibility when cutting

This clever Multipurpose Cutting Kit gives you complete control when cutting or routing into a whole host of materials, including wood and plastic. The Cutting Guide is quick to attach and effortless to use. It has easy screw-on mounting and large windows for better visibility. Its best feature is the depth adjustment, which allows you to make controlled indentations into your materials. Whatever DIY pet project you have in mind, you will make it effortlessly and expertly with the help of Dremel’s Cutting Guide Attachment.


Dremel® Detailer’s Grip Attachment (577)

The Detailer’s Grip Attachment (577) gives you greater control when engraving into wood with your Dremel Multi-Tool

Only the best will do for your precious pooch or kitty cat, of course. Especially when it comes to writing your animal’s name on a DIY pet project such as this upcycled cat bed. For precision jobs such etching hand lettering into wood, metal or glass, you’ll need a steady hand. The Dremel Detailer’s Grip Attachment provides you with a solid yet comfortable grip – instantly improving the tool’s balance in your hand. You’ll feel in total control, giving you confidence and coordination during your next engraving or etching project. 



Dremel® Glue Gun 930

A Dremel Glue Gun 930 is used to glue a wooden bar to a piece of wood to create a toy for a rabbit

Whether you like to get crafty with wood, plastic, leather, paper, fabric or rope, you can use a glue gun to stick your project together. Did you know that you can create a homemade toy for your dog with just a few pieces of wood, some rope and a glue gun? There’s a host of other big and small pet toys you can make, repair or decorate with the help of this practical piece of equipment. Why not let the glue itself be the embellishment – Dremel has developed a selection of coloured glue sticks precisely for that purpose.



Dremel® Pet Nail Grooming Kit (7020-PGK)

Dremel’s handheld nail grinder with safety guard, part of the Pet Nail Grooming Kit, is being used to trim a dog’s nails

It may not be a pet gift in the traditional sense, but clipping your dog’s nails can certainly be a treat. Well-trimmed nails are vital for a dog’s health and happiness, and who is better equipped to reassure your pooch during this sometimes stressful task than you? With Dremel’s Pet Nail Grooming Tool, you can trim your pet’s nails gradually with minimal fuss and noise, reducing the chance that you’ll cut them too short. You can use the grinder to soften unsightly grooves and sharp edges too. There you are – perfectly groomed paws.