Grinding Cosplay helmet


Have you always wanted to dive into your favourite character? In the wonderful world of cosplay DIY, you can do just that, and more. If you want to create your own custom-made cosplay costumes and props, Dremel will lend you a helping hand letting you know all the important cosplay tips. By watching these inspirational videos and reading our tutorials, you’ll learn a variety of techniques and cosplay materials needed that will help bring your ideas to life. Go on, challenge yourself and create some magic.

DIY Demon Skull Mask

A step by step guide on how to create a demon skull mask using foam and add convincing bone texture to it using Dremel.

Tips and tricks with foam

Find out how to turn foam into steel, wood and bone to create stunning effects and textures and give your props and costumes eye-catching details.

How to Start

These guides for beginners teach you the basics of sanding, gluing and engraving – must-have skills if you want to start making cosplay props.

Discover the basics of sanding and prepare for your next DIY project.

How to Start Sanding

From choosing the right sanding tools to learning how to sand wood – discover the basics of sanding and prepare for your next DIY project.

Gluing for Beginners

How to Start Gluing

See how easy it is to use a glue gun for DIY projects with our beginner’s guide to gluing.

How to get started with engraving

Engraving: How to Get Started

From choosing the right material to picking the best Dremel accessories, explore our beginner’s guide to engraving and be inspired to get started.

How to avoid failures

Avoid failures during your precision DIY projects

How to Avoid Failures While Using Dremel’s Multi-Tool

Want to avoid common mistakes while carving, engraving, routing, cutting, sanding, cleaning, polishing, grinding or sharpening? Read on, and help your next DIY project go smoothly.

How to Avoid Failures While Using a Glue Gun

How to Avoid Failures While Using a Glue Gun

A glue gun is easy and quick to master once you know how. Explore our dos and don’ts to make sure you get it right the first time.