Organised home office set up

Home Office

When you spend time working from home, a professional yet pleasant work environment is key. Luckily, this isn’t difficult to achieve at all. With just a few DIY tweaks to your home office set-up, you’ll increase your concentration, creativity and efficiency levels while decreasing your stress levels. Sounds good, right? All you have to do is let Dremel’s clever tutorials, inspirational videos and insightful tips be your guide to an organised home office. Your boss will thank you for it!

How to Start

Are you eager to polish your DIY skills, Dremel Multi-Tool in hand? With these starter guides you’ll gain valuable cutting, sanding and routing know-how.

Beginner’s guide to cutting.

How to Get Started with Cutting

Explore our beginner’s guide to cutting and get one step closer to improving your home.

Discover the basics of sanding and prepare for your next DIY project.

How to Start Sanding

From choosing the right sanding tools to learning how to sand wood – discover the basics of sanding and prepare for your next DIY project.

Beginner’s guide to routing with the Dremel Multi-Tool

How to Get Started with Routing

From choosing router bits to holding the router tool – this beginner’s guide to routing will get you one step closer to your next DIY project.


How to design and make a stylish bookshelf

Stylish Bookshelf

Let us show you how to design and make a stylish bookshelf in wood and metal simply and fast, in just a few steps, with the right Dremel® tool. It will be a highlight in every living room, study and reading corner.

Create your own Idea Board

Idea board

Start organizing your thoughts with your new Idea Board!

How to Avoid Failures

Do you want to avoid the most common mishaps when upgrading your home office with your Dremel Multi-Tool? Then read on for our clever lists of DIY dos and don’ts.

Avoid failures during your precision DIY projects

How to Avoid Failures While Using Dremel’s Multi-Tool

Want to avoid common mistakes while carving, engraving, routing, cutting, sanding, cleaning, polishing, grinding or sharpening? Read on, and help your next DIY project go smoothly.

Sanding tips: learn how to avoid failures on your next DIY project

How to Avoid Failures While Sanding

Explore the common pitfalls of a sanding beginner – so you can learn what to avoid and ensure your next sanding project goes off without a hitch.

How to Master

Upgrade your skills to the highest level by watching these masterclasses.

Routing masterclass by Peter Heuveling

How to Become a Routing Master

Watch a master at work! Peter Heuveling explains which router bits to use, how to handle the Dremel Plunge Router and much more.

This masterclass guides you through the more advanced aspects of sanding.

How to Master Sanding

Watch this sanding tutorial by craftswoman Laura Anna Abelli and learn how to master several sanding techniques on wood and metal.