Multi-Tools DIY

DREMEL® Lite (7760-15)

Easy-to-use. Versatile. Use anywhere.
  • Easily switch between applications within many DIY projects, whether its sanding, grinding, sharpening, carving, engraving, cleaning or polishing.
  • Take on multiple kinds of creative projects or light duty DIY projects with the 15 accessories included.
  • You’ll be ready for your next DIY-project anytime and any place with the cordless and USB-chargeable Dremel Lite.
  • With the included quick start guide and accessory information sheet, you have all the elements to create the perfect first experience.
£70.00* RRP incl. VAT

Product description

The versatility of this kit allows you to sand, grind, sharpen, carve, engrave, clean and polish, with the only change being the accessory. Tackle any kind of light duty home improvement or creative project. The 15 accessories included gives you the freedom to work on multiple materials with multiple applications. You can use the cordless and USB-chargeable Dremel Lite anytime and anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Whether this will be your first Dremel Multi-Tool or an add on to your Dremel collection you can rely on this kit to complete your projects.

Example of usage

Functions and Advantages of DREMEL® Lite (7760-15)

With its fully variable speed and single button operation you can handle the Dremel Lite with ease.

Take on DIY projects anywhere thanks to the cordless Multi-Tool powered by USB fast charging Lithium-Ion battery.

From carving to grinding to sanding. Switch between applications in no time with Dremel’s EZ Twist system.

Technical details for DREMEL® Lite (7760-15)

Technical specifications
Battery voltage
3,6 V
Battery capacity
2,0 Ah
Charging time
2.75 h
0,270 kg
19.5 cm
4.5 cm
4 cm
No load speed
8.000 - 25.000 1/min
Battery technology
No load speed (3)
Speed setting
Fully Variable
Accessory quick change system
EZ Twist
Precision tip
Dual temperature
Removable cord
Drip control
Sound pressure
- 70 dB(A)
2,5 m/s²
Delivery details: DREMEL® Lite (7760-15)
Order number
Dremel Lite
15 high quality Dremel accessories
2 hour 45 minutes charging plug and seperate USB cable
Quick start guide
Accessory information sheet
Order number
EAN Code


No – cordless tools do not operate with motor brushes.

The tool will run if plugged in for charging but the charging function will stop. There is no potential for damage if trying to operate the tool while plugged in for charging.

The Lite has an LED battery life indicator which will illuminate with a red light when the battery is low. A green light will illuminate while charging. The light will turn off once the Lite is fully charged.

Exact runtimes will vary based on use. The runtime of any rotary tool is highly dependent on a number of different factors, including the type of application, material, speed, & technique used. (ex. Approximate runtime for engraving is 20 minutes)

Approximately 2 hours & 45 minutes. The Lite should be fully charged before its first use

Yes. A red LED light will flash when the tool stalls. If this happens, remove the tool from the material, shut the tool off, and resume use without excess pressure. If stalling persists, consider using a different accessory, technique or tool for the job.

The Lite will work with most accessories in the Dremel line. The Lite may not work effectively with accessories that require speeds greater than 25,000 RPM, including cutting and routing applications.

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Download User manual

Download User manual