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Dremel (335)

DREMEL® Plunge Router Attachment
DREMEL® Plunge Router Attachment
Transform your Dremel Multi-Tool into a plunge router.
  • Turn your Dremel Multi-Tool in to a compact Plunge Router, great for lighter routing projects.
  • The transparent base allows you to rout with visbility of your workpiece for greater accuracy.
  • Have the ability to create curved edges, straight slots or start routing in the middle of your workpiece for inlay work
  • Route perfect circles or a crisp straight lines with the included Edge and Circle Guide
  • Contents: 1x Plunge-router attachment, 1x Edge and Circle Guide, 1x mounting wrench, 1x quick start guide/ manual
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Product description

What can you with it?
Transform your Dremel Multi-Tool into a lightweight, free to hold plunge router.Have full accuracy, stability and control with your Dremel Multi-Tool and the Plunge Router attachment for your smaller to medium sized routing projects. When working with materials like wood, gain a quick way to get curved edges, straight slots or have the freedom to start routing in the middle of your workpiece for inlays or keyhole slots. The transparent, plastic base of the attachment ensures a clear view of your project and won't damage your material. Achieve smooth and consistent cuts thanks to the possibility to lock your routing depth.
How to use
Mount your routing accessory to your Dremel Multi-Tool, screw and tighten the Plunge Router with the included wrench and you are ready to go! .
When beginning your routing project, set the recommended RPM on your Multi-Tool and let the tool do the work by moving slowly in your material to prevent burning your workpiece. Plunge into your material by allowing your accessory to glide into your workpiece for a smooth start.
You can easily guide the attachment over your workpiece by holding the grips with both hands. Choose to lock the attachment at your desired routing depth or have it unlocked to freely rout at variable depths.
For clean results, rout in phases taking off a layer at a time until you are at your desired depth. Use the included circle or line guides to rout perfect circles or sharp, straight lines.

Example of usage

Technical details for DREMEL® Plunge Router Attachment (335)

Technical specifications
Working length
70,0 mm
22 cm
12.5 cm
18 cm


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Plunge Router Attachment
Edge Guide
Circle Guide
Guide Bushing Set
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Download User manual

Download User manual