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Engraving Cutter 2,4 mm (107)

Engraving Cutter 2,4 mm
Engraving Cutter 2,4 mm
Engraving Cutter 2,4 mm
Engraving Cutter 2,4 mm Engraving Cutter 2,4 mm Engraving Cutter 2,4 mm
Small ball shaped head for detailed carving, engraving on e.g. wood
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Product description

What can you do with it?
Engraving cutter bit especially designed for detailed carving, routing and engraving with a Dremel Multi Tool.
How to use?
Fits with all Dremel Multi Tools or other 3,2mm shank size Multi Tools. For better control and more precision, use with Dremel Detailer's Grip Attachment (577).
Materials to use on
Suitable for use on wood and wood-like materials, metal, plastic, leather, plexiglass, fiberboard, rubber, carbon, chipboard, laminate, foam boards.
Recommended speed
Wood 20.000 –30.000 RPM Metal 15.000-20.000 RPM Plastic 15.000–20.000 RPM

Example of usage

Technical details for Engraving Cutter 2,4 mm (107)

  • Glass fibre reinforced plastics Glass fibre reinforced plastics
  • Veneered woods Veneered woods
  • Foam boards Foam boards
  • Leather Leather
  • Fiberboard Fiberboard
  • Laminates Laminates
  • Plywood Plywood
  • Softwood Softwood
  • Chipboard Chipboard
  • Hardwood Hardwood
  • Soft Metal Soft Metal
  • Rubber Rubber
  • Plastic Plastic
  • Plexiglass Plexiglass
  • Carbon Carbon
Technical specifications
Shank diameter
3,2 mm
Working diameter
2,4 mm
Accessory length
38,0 mm
High Speed Steel
Mandrel use
No Mandrel Needed
3,0 mm
3,0 mm
45,0 mm
Maximum RPM
35.000 1/min
Maximum RPM
Special|Glass fibre reinforced plastics 1/min


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