Versa Foam Pad (PC362)

Versa Foam Pad
Versa Foam Pad
The cleaning pad for gentle dirt, stain and scruff mark removal from hard surfaces
  • The multi-purpose micro-abrasive texture allows you to complete a variety of cleaning tasks with ease
  • Ideal for shoes, floors, doors, walls, glass and more
  • Quick and easy accessory change with the hook and loop system
  • Oversized accessories get into tight spaces
£12.00* RRP incl. VAT

Product description

The Dremel Versa Foam Pad is the solution for a variety of cleaning tasks including counter tops, stoves, ovens, sinks, microwaves, refrigerators and more. The multi-purpose cleaning pad combined with the Dremel Versa’s high rotation speed scrubbing allows you to complete your cleaning jobs in no time.

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Technical specifications
Working diameter
63,5 mm
63,5 mm
Suitable Dremel devices
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