Quick Start Guides

You've got your shiny new Dremel tool in hand, but you're not quite sure where to begin?
Fear not, because our Quick Start Guide videos are here to save the day!
The videos cover basic topics like accessory installation, speed settings and holding positions. The Dremel Quick Start Guide videos are designed to be clear, visual, and beginner-friendly, helping you understand and start using your Dremel tool with confidence.
We've got a video for every Dremel tool in our lineup, ensuring that you'll find the perfect guide tailored to your mighty tool.


Multi-Tool 8260

Multi-Tool 8240

Multi-Tool Lite 7760

Multi-Tool 7350

Multi-Tool 4250

Multi-Tool 3000

Versatip 2000

Versaflame 2200

Stylo 2050

Engraver 290

Motosaw MS20

Versa PC10

Glue Gun 940

Glue Gun 930

Glue Gun 910