Shopping Guide: 7 Essential Tools for Creating the Ultimate Urban Garden

Use a Multi-Vise (2500) as an extra pair of hands when DIY-ing decorations for your urban garden

For those of us living the city life, having an outdoor space is pure bliss. Whether yours is a small balcony, a postage-stamp garden or even a rooftop terrace, turning it into an up-to-the-minute urban garden is easy with these 7 helpful tools. You can save space with a homemade balcony bar, decorate your city garden with pretty DIY plant hangers or create a cool upcycled side table to store your BBQ bits and pieces. Whatever your ideas for a DIY urban garden, Dremel will help make them happen.

Dremel® 4250

Cutting a protruding screw flush against wood is easy with Dremel’s powerful 4250 Multi-Tool

Looking for a high-performance, all-round power tool to make your urban garden dreams and ideas come true? With the Dremel 4250, you’ve got a DIY winner on your hands. It’s compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments, corded for extended use and comfortable to work with due to lower noise and vibration levels. But most of all, it’s capable: from sanding to cutting, from drilling to routing, the 175W motor can tackle it all – and then some. Whether it’s a sleek city garden, a balcony hanging garden or a patio veg patch you have in mind, no project is too tough for this top-notch tool.


DREMEL® Lite (7760-15)

A Dremel Lite and Sanding Disc are used to smooth a wooden garden ornament

Enjoy pottering around your garden, patio or balcony, fixing up bits and bobs as you go? Then you can’t go wrong with a Dremel Lite (7760-15). It’s lightweight, cordless and endlessly versatile – you’ll want to carry it around with you all day! The Dremel Lite comes in handy when working on all kinds of DIY urban gardening projects: use it with sanding bands to smooth rough edges on a wooden balcony or garden furniture, grinding stones to sharpen your tools, or engraving bits to add a personal touch to your urban garden design.


Dremel® Line and Circle Cutter (678)

Cutting out perfect circles is effortless with Dremel’s Line and Circle Cutter attachment

Even if your city garden’s only tiny, you can still have big ideas. Combine your creative skills with a clever Dremel attachment like the Line and Circle Cutter and you’re ready to start your next exciting urban gardening project. How about a vertical balcony garden or an elevated vegetable planter? Why not build a balcony bar, complete with built-in plant pots – it’s the perfect place to relax. With the Line and Circle Cutter, you’ll easily cut super straight lines as well as perfectly round circles – it’s a must-have for every urban garden owner.


Precision Drill Bit Set (628)

Dremel’s Precision Drill Bit Set has a multitude of drill bits – like this one for aluminium and other soft metals

Having a selection of drill bits in your toolbox is bound to make your DIY life a lot less stressful. Dremel’s all-round Precision Drill Bit Set (628) contains 7 bits for piercing a range of materials, from soft metals to wood, plastic and plexiglass. No matter what urban gardening project you embark on, you’ll be glad to have these little babies to hand. By the way, if you think drilling is only for diehards DIYers, you’re mistaken. There are plenty of creative project ideas out there for your small city garden, like these dainty upcycled wind chimes, made from upcycled cutlery.


EZ SpeedClic: sanding mandrel and sanding bands (SC407)

Sand it till it’s smooth with a Dremel Multi-Tool, an EZ SpeedClic mandrel and a sanding band (SC407)

Not sure how to decorate your urban rooftop garden? There are plenty of cool, crafty design ideas to get your teeth into – from vertical veggie gardens to pretty plant hangers and a brilliant BBQ side table. Whichever of these DIY urban garden ideas takes your fancy, you can’t do without Dremel’s EZ SpeedClic: sanding mandrel and sanding bands (SC407). They’re wonderful for shaping, sanding and smoothing materials like wood, ceramic, stone and shells. Thanks to Dremel’s clever EZ SpeedClic system, switching sanding bands is simple. Just pull, place and secure. EZ, indeed.


Dremel® Detailer’s Grip Attachment (577)

Dremel’s Detailer’s Grip Attachment (577) provides optimal control when engraving

Embellishing your balcony vegetable or herb garden with a few charming engravings instantly spices up your outdoor space, adding a pleasing personal touch. Take these garden markers, for instance. They’re pretty but practical too, helping you keep track of which herbs, veggies and blooms you planted and where. Before you start engraving, kit out your trusty Dremel with the Detailer’s Grip Attachment and you’ll be able to hold your multi-tool like a pen – meaning more control, less fatigue and increased precision while you carve away.


DREMEL® Multi-Vise (2500)

Dremel’s Multi-Vise (2500) acts as an invaluable pair of extra hands when shear sharpening

No matter how you’d like to decorate your city balcony, chances are you’ll want to keep your DIY materials steady while you cut, grind, sand or polish them into submission. This is where the terrific 3-in-1 Multi-Vise comes in – a stationary vice that also acts as a stand-alone clamp and a tool holder. It can be tilted and rotated to ensure just about any working angle, giving you optimal control over your project. When sharpening your garden shears, for instance, secure either your multi-tool or the implement in the vice’s solid grip before bringing your blunt, tired shears back to life.