Shopping Guide: Create a Lush Indoor Garden with These 8 Terrific Tools

A Dremel Stylo+ is the perfect tool for etching a pretty pattern into your terrarium

A cool collection of hanging plants, an eco-friendly vertical vegetable garden or a trendy terrarium… Indoor gardens are taking over living rooms all over the world. And with good reason, because surrounding yourself with plants is both stress-reducing and happiness-inducing. Not sure how to start your sustainable indoor garden? Dremel is here to help. The tools in this shopping guide will assist you towards making sturdy DIY hanging planters, building a zen garden or pallet planter box and decorating your pots with detailed designs. We’ll show you that creating your own sustainable indoor garden is as effortless as it is enjoyable. Let’s dig in!

Dremel® 3000

To drill holes into a coconut hanging planter, a Dremel Multi-Tool 3000 is used in combination with a Flexible Shaft (225) and a Flex-Shaft Tool Holder (2222)

Whatever your indoor garden ideas, you can make them happen with a Dremel Multi-Tool 3000. This all-rounder is high on power yet low on noise, making it the perfect partner for all your DIY indoor garden projects. It fits an impressive range of accessories, from cutters to polishing wheels and brushes, so it’s the go-to tool for cutting, sanding, routing or polishing. Whether you want to create birch wood candle holders or engrave a pretty pattern into your terrarium, this tool will do all the hard work for you.


Dremel® Stylo+ (2050-15)

A Dremel Stylo+ (2050-15) kitted out with a Diamond Wheel Point (7103) is perfect for engraving hard materials like glass

Your indoor gardening tool set is not complete without a Dremel Stylo+. This sleek, lightweight multi-tool holds like a pen and manoeuvres like one, too. Furthermore, it can be used with a selection of awesome accessories, from a handy mandrel to a carbon steel brush and even a jar of polishing compound for adding shine to metals and plastics. The Stylo+ tool set is ideal for perfecting or personalising all your indoor garden designs, allowing you to etch, engrave, polish, clean and carve to your heart’s content. If you are a stickler for detail, you will love the Stylo+.


Glass Etching Set (682)

The etching bits in Dremel’s Glass Etching Set (682) are carefully selected and easy to slot into place

Indoor plants thrive on sunlight – and it does us humans a world of good, too! Adding lots of glass to your DIY indoor garden allows rays of sunlight to filter through. Glass gardens are both modern and manageable, even for beginner botanists. Why not reuse some old mason jars to create a sustainable indoor mini herb garden, or make a DIY succulent planter? Dremel’s Glass Etching Set will help you add some dandy designs to all that glass. Its 8 carefully selected glass etching bits include diamond wheel points and silicon carbide grinding stones for some precise engraving action. Go on, get crafty.


Wood Drill Bit Set (636)

The drill bits in Dremel’s Wood Drill Bit Set (636) are great for piercing coconut shells, too

Indoor gardening is all about bringing nature indoors – what better way to do that than by adding some wood into the mix? Wood can provide a stunning yet sturdy base for your urban jungle, whether you go for a coconut shell plant hanger, a pallet plant rack or some simple wooden shelves. Whatever your DIY indoor garden idea, you can create it with your dependable Dremel Multi-Tool and this Wood Drill Bit Set. The titanium-coated drill bits are highly durable, suitable for all kinds of wood and come in 4 sizes: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm.


Dremel® Glue Gun 930

Dremel’s Glue Gun 930 is wonderful for crafty projects such as attaching a decorative sisal edge to a glass bottle

If you’ve never owned a glue gun before, you’re in for a surprise. Give it a few weeks and it’ll be the most treasured item in your toolbox! This Dremel Glue Gun 930, with its drip-controlled tip to prevent unsightly spills, has a high temperature setting for gluing ceramics and glass – great for repairing broken plant pots. Its low setting can be used for crafty applications, such as attaching decorative stones or name signs to upcycled wooden planters, stands and terrariums. Did you know the glue itself can be used as decoration too? Dremel even has coloured glue sticks to spruce things up.


Dremel® Detailer’s Grip Attachment (577)

Add control and precision to your engraving skills by combining your Dremel 4000 Multi-Tool with a Detailer’s Grip Attachment (577)

If you’re adding detailed designs to your DIY indoor garden items, chances are you’ll want to work with precision. The Dremel Detailer’s Grip Attachment can lend you a helping hand. By attaching it to your Multi-Tool, you’ll instantly improve the balance of and your control over the tool in your hand. Its soft grip feels comfortable to the touch and the angle lets you move closer to your object. Whether you’re engraving, carving, etching or polishing, or using it to make these birch wood candle holders , this attachment will ensure sophisticated, swanky results.


Dremel® Multi-Vise (2500)

Dremel’s Multi-Vise (2500) can lock your object into any position

Whether you’re upcycling a single coconut into a hanging planter or planning on covering your whole wall in plants, transforming ideas into reality is great fun. Having the right indoor gardening equipment to hand is half the battle – and we’re not just talking about watering cans. Did you know a Multi-Vise makes an indoor gardener’s life a lot easier? Dremel’s Multi-Vise locks your work piece – even round and oddly shaped ones such as a coconut shell plant hanger  – in a firm, steady grip at any angle. It stabilises your object while protecting it from damage, so you can get into all the nooks and crannies safely and comfortably.


Dremel® Flexible Shaft (225)

For high-precision projects like etching an intricate design into wood, simply use Dremel’s Flexible Shaft attachment (225)

The Flexible Shaft adds an extra layer of flexibility and versatility to Dremel’s tool range. By attaching the shaft between Multi-Tool and accessory, you can easily get into tight spots and corners. Whether your indoor gardening DIY project involves intricate details – woodcarving for instance – or you simply prefer a higher level of manoeuvrability, the Flexible Shaft is the attachment for you. Thanks to its fingertip control, quick and easy accessory changes and comfortable grip, you instantly know you’re dealing with a Dremel product.