Craft your own tealight holders

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Give your home a cosy feel with these beautiful tealight holders. Make your tealight holders unique and enjoy the peaceful flicker of candlelight shine through these designs. Create the perfect gift using the Dremel 3000 for your loved ones all year round.

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Let's go - step by step

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Pick your template

Pick your template and cut out to desired size

You need:

Print out a design as a template and cut out to the desired size.


Place the template

Place the template onto the tea light holder

You need:

Take the template and place where you would like to securely fix it. When you have chosen the position fix it with tape on the tea light holder.


Transfer Template

Transfer the template using acetone and a kitchen towel

You need:

Using the acetone you can now easily transfer the template to the porcelain. Soak some kitchen towel with acetone. Then rub the acetone over the template and press down hard to ensure the pattern transfers.

Tip: Wear safety gloves and remove anything that is flammable


Check transfer

Remove the template and see if everything has transferred

You need:

Now you can remove the template and see if everything has transferred. The ink does not last on the porcelain permanently, so be careful that you do not smudge the ink.


Check transfer

Go over drawing with permanent marker to prevent smudges

You need:

So that the drawing does not smudge while working, it is best to trace the image with a permanent marker.


Prepare your tool

Insert glass drill accessory 662 into a Dremel Multi-Tool

You need:

To drill the holes use the Diamond Glass Drill accessory (662) . Insert this into the multi-chuck (4486) of your Dremel Multi-tool.



Place the drill vertically and use drops of water to start drilling

You need:

The first step in drilling ceramics or porcelain is to pierce the porcelain. You start at a 45 degree angle and start to drill. Please first drip a little water on the place to be drilled. This is necessary so that the device does not over heat. Drill until the attachment sits well.


Drilling continued

Place the drill vertically and use drops of water to start drilling

You need:

In the second step, place the drill vertically. Again, a drop of water is required. Drill until the water is gone and then apply another drop of water. These steps should be repeated until a hole appears to prevent overheating.



With the 2mm 7103 and 7105 cutters start to rout the porcelain

You need:

With the 2mm (7103) and 4.4mm (7105) diamond tipped cutters you can now complete the pattern. Drill half-way through the porcelain and be careful not to pierce all the way through.

Note: Ensure to still apply drops of water. To avoid over heating always apply some water before drilling. Otherwise, the router can break quickly and easily.



Once you have done, remove any marker remnants with acetone

You need:

When you are done with the pattern, remove any marker remnants with acetone. Also clean off any remaining drilling dust with water.



Your beautiful tea light holders are ready!

You need:

Now you only need one tea light and your beautiful tea light holders are ready!